February 2014

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2014 Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award Winners


John Becherer

"Take on difficult challenges because the rewards can be great."
John Becherer, MS '87

lynda M. Ciuffetti "Make sure you approach your studies in a way that you are the one making the decisions for your future and not a lack of success in your studies that makes the decisions for you."
Lynda M. Ciuffetti, PhD '83
Joe Garwood "You don't know what you don't know . . . and it's those things that can put you out of business. . . . If you do run into a problem for the first time, it's better to seek the advice of someone."
Johann (Joe) R. Garwood, BS '78
Anetra Harbor "In life, you need a little bit of luck, skill and will."
Anetra L. Harbor, MS '02, PhD '06
Carl "Be passionate about design, but remember that in design there is a fine line between passion and arrogance."
Carl C. Kincaid, BS '99
Donald J. Leopold "Don't be so consumed by the idea that a specific graduate research project will define your career for life."
Donald J. Leopold, PhD '84

Mauricio Lopes

"When facing a difficult situation, stop, breathe, think, and only then act."
Maurício Antônio Lopes, MS '89

"Do not be afraid of taking on some of the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do. You can never be sure where they will lead. Harness the best out of the given opportunities."
Nicholas L. Rozzi, BS '97, PhD '01

S. Richard Tolman

"As in baseball, 'throw the ball back.' Reporting back on a completed assignment is crucial and will make you look good. Be decisive and don't be afraid to take
risk — prudent risk."
S. Richard Tolman, MS '78

Geoffrey C. Waldbieser

"Wisdom comes from experience so develop relationships and learn from experienced people. Sometimes you'll only learn what not to do, but that's valuable."
Geoffrey C. Waldbieser, BS '83, MS '85, PhD '89

Carla N. Yerkes "Having a career that you love will make you a success, not one that provides money without joy or satisfaction."
Carla N. Yerkes, BS '82, MS '85, PhD '95

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