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2013 Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award Winners

Timothy Adams

“Be decisive and don't be afraid to take
risk - prudent risk.”
Timothy Adams, BS '82

Rick Brandenburg “Always put people before projects.
Go with your strengths.”
Rick L. Brandenburg, BS '77
Michael Emerson “Learn as much outside of the classroom
as you do in it.”
Michael Emerson, BS '88
Zarrell Gray “My life has been an amazing adventure, and I wouldn't do anything different. However, a mentor's faith in your abilities can provide a lifetime of confidence to perform.”
Zarrell Gray, BS '90
Koester “If you believe, you can achieve.”
Lisa Koester, BS '94
Scott Lineback “Work hard and play hard. Although you have to spend a lot of hours working, make sure to spend time with close friends. You will cherish and remember the relationships forever.”
Scott Lineback, MS '89, PhD '94

Charles Owubah

 “I have come to understand that greatness is possible only if we are deliberate about it.”
Charles E. Owubah, MS '92, PhD '99

“Harness the best out of the given opportunities.”
Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, PhD '83

Jeffrey VeenHuizen

“Stay open to what opportunities lie ahead in whatever is happening now.”
Jeffrey Veenhuizen, BS '81

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