2012 DAA Archive


2012 Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award Winners

Larry Becker

“Learn as much as you can and do the best job you can, no matter what that job is. It will pay off and help you with defining where you want to go.”
Larry E. Becker, BS '88

Kevin Cavanaugh “Seize the opportunity, do your best and don’t sit still.”
Kevin J. Cavanaugh, MS '90, PhD '93

Malcolm DeKryger

“Young people will never understand the full value of a Purdue degree until they have completed their work and ventured out into the world.”
Malcolm S. DeKryger, MS '83
Howard Halderman “The most value in any event or activity is the time spent with others.”
F. Howard Halderman, BS '88
Lange “Leadership is a skill that is important. Practicing that skill while still at a university is a safe place to try — and fail — and hopefully learn to get better.”
Nancy E. Lange, BS '81
Kenda Resler Friend
“Never apologize for an idea.”
Kenda M. Resler Friend, MS '91
Del Unger “Education doesn't always come solely from the academic arena. Knowledge is priceless, but people skills are essential.”
Del Unger, BS '84
Gary M. Weber “Always reach for the stars and know that change is always upon us. Change is something to be embraced and not feared."
Gary M. Weber, BS '77, MS '79
Jeremy Xu “Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
Jeremy Xu, PhD '99, MBA '01
Lucy Yu “Be a happy person first.”
Liangli (Lucy) Yu, PhD '99

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