Oct. 7, 2013

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Purdue ABE program tops again
Purdue Extension plants tree app on mobile devices
Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award nominees sought

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Purdue senior Kyle Long at Agriculture Career Fair held Oct. 1, 2013 

Purdue sophomore Kyle Long (front right) discusses job opportunities with Beth Smith of Tyson Foods during the Agriculture Career Fair held Oct. 1 in the Purdue Memorial Union. Tyson Foods was one of 134 companies that participated in the semiannual event. (Agricultural Communication photo/Tom Campbell)


Purdue ABE program tops again 

Purdue’s agricultural and biological engineering undergraduate program has again been ranked No. 1 by U.S. News & World Report.

The publication ranked the program as the best in the nation for the third consecutive year. The graduate program has been ranked No. 1 by the magazine for five consecutive years.

“Three years at the top speaks volumes about the kind of students ABE attracts,” said Jay Akridge, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture. “To get to the top of the rankings is difficult. To stay there for an extended period of time is a tremendous achievement.”

“Our students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends make the difference,” said department head Bernie Engel. “The work we do here matters, and we are proud to be recognized again on this year’s list. To have both programs repeat this year is unprecedented. This is truly an accomplishment of everyone – our students, faculty, staff and alumni.”

Coming Next Week:

Find out who the guest speaker will be at the 2014 Ag Alumni Fish Fry in Indianapolis.

The full list of the rankings is available here.

Purdue Extension plants tree app on
mobile devices

Fall is a great time to hike through the woods and enjoy the brilliant fall foliage up close. And now nature lovers have a tool to help them identify the trees they encounter along the way.

Fifty Trees of the Midwest is a newly released tree identification app from Purdue Extension. Designed to work on iPhones, iPods or iPads, the app includes more than 400 high-quality photos of 57 Midwestern trees.

Users can answer a series of questions to identify unfamiliar trees through characteristics such as leaves, buds, bark and flowers. They can also make field notes about the trees they find on a hike or even in their own backyards.

This app is the latest entry in a growing number of apps developed by Purdue Extension.

The Corn & Soybean Field Guide, released in May 2013, is the iPad version of the popular pocket-sized guide for agricultural producers. In addition to Fifty Trees of the Midwest, students will find apps to help them identify common insects and pests, and consumers can download apps to identify problems with trees, annuals and perennials.

To learn more about apps from Purdue Extension, visit www.extension.purdue.edu/apps.

Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award nominees sought

The Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award recognizes a faculty member for excellence in integrating and promoting Purdue’s core missions of discovery, engagement and learning.

The award celebrates faculty who have successfully developed an integrated, comprehensive program that benefits agriculture, health and human sciences or veterinary medicine nationally and/or internationally.

The deadline for nominating Purdue College of Agriculture faculty for the annual award is Nov. 1.

More information about the award is available here.

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