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 Date Presenter Seminar Topic
January 12 Major Darryl A. Forest    U.S. Army Entomology Careers in the Military: A Brief Overview
January 19 Jonathan Neal    Purdue University BT corn, Insect Resistance Management and EPA Scientific Advisory Panels
January 26 No seminar
February 2 Gregory Curler
University of Tennessee
Biosystematics of Diptera, with emphasis on moth flies and sand flies (Psychodidae)
February 9 Ameya Gondhalekar
Purdue University
Indoxacarb toxicology in the German cockroach: from susceptibility monitoring to resistance and metabolism
February 16 Annemarie Nagle
Purdue University
Neighbors against bad bugs and EAB Outreach
February 23 Graduate Students
Purdue University

Jeff Grabowski - Properties of tick-borne Langat virus during growth in Ixodes scapularis ISE6 cells and host proteomic change following infection

Jessica Kelly - Revitalizing augmentation biological control employing immunomarking techniques and behavior-modifying semiochemicals to track and improve efficiency

Carlos Quesada - Effects of selected pesticides on calico scale and its natural enemies

March 1
Jennifer Tsuruda
Purdue University
Honey bee health - breeding for behavioral resistance to Varroa mites
March 8 Sarah Swope
USDA ARS Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Unit, Albany, CA
The consequences of multispecies interactions: from individuals to populations.



March 15 Spring Break -No Seminar  
March 22

Rachael Winfree
Rutgers University

Native pollinators, ecosystem services, and global change
March 29

Graduate Students
Purdue University

Carmen Blubaugh - The effects of food and habitat resources on invertebrate seed predator recruitment and weed population dynamics

Yanlin Tian - Optimization of ozone technology as an IPM strategy in cockroach management

Adam Witte - Impacts of calico scale treatments on honeylocust spider mite and other mite fauna populations

April 5


April 12

Vince Jones
Washington State University
Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center

How a perfect storm of technology, legislation, and applied ecology is finally leading to IPM in western orchards
April 19 Undergraduate Students
Purdue University
Capstone presentations
April 26 Daniel Gruner
University of Maryland
Food web interactions in an archipelago of volcanically isolated forest fragments
May 3 Graduate Students   Purdue University

Mahsa Fardisi - Investigation of Dried Distiller Grains with Solubles (DDGS) susceptibility to red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) infestation

Ulianova Vidal Gomez - Associative learning of Podisus maculiventris (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae) to herbivore induced plant volatiles

Andres Filipe Sandoval Mojica - The Reticulitermes flavipes peritrophic matrix: Composition and viability as a target in termite pest management

May 7 Paul Marek                 University of Arizona Millipede systematics and the evolutionary ecology of warning coloration

Seminars scheduled on Thursdays at 3:45 PM in the Roy L. Whistler Hall of Agricultural Research, Room 116.

Refreshments at 3:15 PM unless noted otherwise.


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