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Employment Opportunities for College Graduates  
in Food, Renewable Energy, and the Environment  
United States, 2010-2015  

 Agricultural and Forestry Production

Look for approximately 7,900 average annual job openings for graduates in agricultural and forestry production occupations — the foundation of the U.S. food, agricultural, and natural resource system. An estimated 7,100 qualified graduates will be available from agricultural and life science, forestry and natural resources, and veterinary medicine disciplines, and 950 from allied fields of study.

Fewer commercial farm and ranch operators are forecast by 2015, but a higher percentage will have a baccalaureate or higher degree. Anticipate more growers of specialty food crops, including organic fruits and vegetables, and bioenergy crops. Advancing technologies will require additional precision agriculture specialists. There will be good opportunities for restoration foresters in managing natural resources.

Poultry production managers and livestock herd managers are expected to have good employment opportunities along with food animal veterinarians. Crop management consultants will continue to have good job prospects.

Priority Occupations

  • Crop Management Consultant
  • Food Animal Veterinarian
  • Herd Manager
  • Land Use Manager
  • Poultry Production Manager
  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Organic Agriculture Entrepreneur
  • Renewable Energy Crop Producer
  • Restoration Forester
  • Seed Producer