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Employment Opportunities for College Graduates  
in Food, Renewable Energy, and the Environment  
United States, 2010-2015  

 Education, Communication, and Governmental Services

Expect approximately 6,200 average annual job openings during 2010–15 in education, communication, and governmental operations involved with agricultural and food systems, renewable resources, and the environment. Agricultural and life sciences, forestry and natural resources, and veterinary medicine disciplines will produce about 3,900 qualified graduates annually, and approximately 3,600 are anticipated from allied fields of study.

The strongest agricultural education opportunities are projected in community colleges, and in higher education specialties including plant and animal health, climate change, food safety, and bioenergy. Government agencies are expected to hire graduates with expertise in food safety and security, and in natural resources and environmental management.

Communicators who are proficient in multimedia and social media operations will be in the strongest employment position. Individuals with specialized talents in electronic information architecture, computer graphics, health communication, and science communication will be needed.

Priority Occupations

  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Computer Graphics Technologist
  • Distance Education Specialist
  • Ecotourism Specialist
  • Electronic Information Architect
  • Food Safety Information Specialist
  • Health Communicator
  • Natural Resources Conservation Specialist
  • Rural Development Specialist
  • Science Communicator