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 Purdue Agricultural Centers

Purdue Ag Center Locations Pinney-Purdue Ag Center Southern Indiana-Purdue Ag Center Northeast-Purdue Ag Center Throckmorton-Purdue Ag Center Davis-Purdue Ag Center Southeast-Purdue Ag Center Feldun-Purdue Ag Center Southwest-Purdue Ag Center

To serve people in all parts of Indiana, Purdue operates eight regional Purdue Agricultural Centers (PACs):

Indiana has over 300 soil types and multiple microclimates. Each section of farmland reacts differently to fertilizers, cultural practices, pesticides, and tillage systems. Each parcel of forest reacts differently to different management practices. So Purdue's PACs are located where they can do the most good (see the state map of the PACs).

At the PACs, researchers and Extension educators help identify and solve production problems, take risks that eventually will benefit farmers, and explain and demonstrate the results of sophisticated research.

The Director of Purdue Agricultural Centers, Jerry Fankhauser, and the Agricultural Research Programs staff administer and coordinate projects at the regional centers, which are used by researchers from all agricultural disciplines. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.