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 Submit a Request

Reporting a Building Issue

Building Deputy Contact Information

  • Name: Tony Mull 
  • Office Number: WSLR 111
  • Phone number: 49-42714
  • E-mail:awmull@purdue.edu
  • Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

    If the Building Deputy is not available and it is an emergency call the Work Control Center, 49-49999.
    If an emergency arises past 4:00pm call the Purdue Police, 49-48221.

    Make sure you list:

    • What's the problem - be descriptive
    • Where's the problem - room number, and location in room
    • Account number - if applicable (refer to the "Repairs" section of this website.)

Requesting Keys

Please download and fill out the key request form. The issuing *supervisor must either call the Building Deputy, 49-42714, or e-mail, awmull@purdue.edu, the employee's/student's name along with the room numbers being requested. The Building Deputy will not issue keys unless the supervisor has signed the key request form.

*Supervisor is defined as a Faculty/Primary Investigator (PI) that has an office in this building and is solely responsible for the rooms being requested. Other Faculty/Primary Investigator (PI) from other areas of the university can not act as the supervisor. The supervisor must be located in this building, unless authorization has been given to this person to be the supervisor.

Only the Building Deputy can issue keys to the building and the rooms in the building.

Building Committee

Jody Banks -Chair Botany & Plant Pathology

If you would like to be considered to be on the Building Committee, please e-mail the Building Deputy, awmull@purdue.edu. To be considered you must be a full-time employee, have an office in this building, and be able to serve at least 1 year on the committee.