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 Construction Pictures - Page 1

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First picture December 6, 2006
[Picture: Forms for the footers are being placed.]

ACRE Aerial December 29, 2006
[Picture: An aerial picture of the building footprint, stone on the perimeter road, and the footprint of the east parking lot.]
The 4 electrical conduits from the transformer into the center of the building are now in place.

WincoBolt January 5, 2007
[Picture: Jeremy from Winco working on the wet concrete under those important bolts. Actually taken on December 28th, 2006.]
This week is more of last weeks progress. More footers poured, more stone placed on roads and the parking lot. More electric conduit and the temporary electric is closer to being activated.

Electric January 15-19
[Picture: Steve Best of Twin City Electric is shown pulling cold stiff wire for the construction power.]
The building footprint is now very obvious with the northeast vertical footer walls in place. We now have power on site and into Karl’s construction office.

DaleTodd January 22-26
[Picture: The Vester's staking crew of Dale and Todd marked the new water main and force main sewer on Thursday.]
Winter weather has set in with no big equipment is left on the construction site. Monday the Winco crew finished removing footer forms and cleaned up.A preconstruction meeting was held about the water main installation. Dig Indiana started marking existing utilities.