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 Construction Pictures - Page 2

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Diggers January 29 to February 2, 2007
[Picture: both "Dig Indiana" locators and the Purdue Utility Locators were busy marking buried utilities.]
The erosion control fence for the new water line was installed by Von's Mike, on the trencher, and his crew. The frozen ground made this a harder job than usual.

Cold pipes February 5-9
[Picture: Mike from Von's Excavating had the "joyful" experience on Monday, a morning of minus 10 degrees, of unloading 5 semis carrying our water pipes.]

Larry O'Conner February 12-16
[Picture: Larry O'Conner presented the colors and finishes to us on Friday.]
With his leadership, the interior is going to be beautiful as well as functional.

Pour Steps February 19-23
[Picture: Winco was able, Friday afternoon, to pour the step footer.]

Steel Unloaded February 26 - March 2
[Picture: Steel is unloaded, sorted, and placed on the gravel parking lot for easier construction.]
Work on the new city water main across the farm field began this week!

Putting in Water Lines March 5-9
[Picture: shows Mike and the work as of Wednesday, March 7th.]
Mike and Mitch plus their crew from Von's Excavating were busy putting in more water lines this week - over 700 feet installed so far.