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 Construction Pictures - Page 2

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Laying Steel March 12-16
The Hamstra team was busy this week. Von’s Excavating continued the water main installation Von’s, many tri-axle haulers, the Purdy pit, and Alt & Witzig successfully built the fill base up to the next critical level. On Friday the first of the steel erection crew placed their construction trailer on site and started laying out the steel columns.

Water Lane March 12-16
[Picture: The water line goes through the main lane on Friday morning.]

Steel March 19
[Picture: The Hamstra crew lead by John Hoffman were hard at work erecting our building.]

Steel frame March 19-23
[Picture: this was taken down by US Hwy 52 at the farm’s front entrance.]

Frame March 26
The roofing metal was delivered and the steel crew added more steel this week.

B/w frame March 26-30
[Picture: black and white image looking west into the future lobby.]