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 Construction Pictures - Page 3

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Red Crane May 7-11
[Picture: Monday, May 7th, the east end floor was placed and finished by the Winco crew.]
Since then preparations (electrical and plumbing) have been made for the remainder of the floor pour. The Hamstra crew has erected the northwest roof and started on the main entrance foyer. The Hamstra masons have started getting ready to lay block.

At Dusk May 14-18
[Picture: a dusk shot when the Winco crew was finishing the concrete job on Wednesday.]
The Hamstra steel crew made good progress this week too; on the roof, the last west column, trim, stairs, mezzanine, and stiffening devices. The wall crew was busy on exterior studs for the masons and some interior metal was placed. The Hamstra masons started laying the split face blocks on the northeast and southwest corners. Von’s continues to work on the sewer main.

Green Roof May 21-25
[Picture: taken from the southeast.]
The Hamstra steel crew worked on the high part of the roof. The wall crew now has several interior metal stud walls in place. The electricians were busy too. Von’s continues to work on the sewer main.

Beck Exterior May 29-June 1
[Picture: View from the main farm entrance.]
The roof is nearly done. More sewer main was installed and manhole finishing has started.

Beck Exterior May 29-June 1
[Picture: View from the west end of the lobby looking east towards the main entrance.]
Interior work is picking up the pace. We have many steel stud walls. The electrical and plumbing work is progressing.