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 Construction Pictures - Page 3

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June 4-8
Installation of the white siding started this week, especially on the cupola. Interior work included more stud walls, plumbing, electrical, and work in the upper mechanical room

North Side June 11-15
[Picture: the north side of the building as seen from the farm shop area.]

Steel Interior June 18-22
[Picture: John of Hamstra’s is going up to work in the copula area from the future lobby floor in a scissor lift.]
About 100 “Friends of Agronomy” attended and most toured the building. A row of windows on the south side of the copula will allow reflected light to filter into the lobby.

Inside Classroom June 25-29
[Picture: highlights the big multi purpose room, whose use now is centered on the skilled workers.]
The facing wall in this picture will have a large projector screen mounted on it. A set-up for educational seating in rows at tables will allow up to 250 people to use this room. With the other 4 classrooms, the building will provide great educational opportunities for the College of Agriculture.