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 Construction - Page 4

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Drywall Installation July 2-6
[Picture: dry wall installation by Doug (close) and Joshua (up) of Bouma Betten in the upstairs mechanical room.]
The University has scheduled October 31 for our building dedication program. Dry wall started. Plumbers and electricians continue their rough-ins. The steel crew is nearly finished cutting in exterior door and window openings.

Lifting Unit Lifting Unit July 9-13
[Pictures: the lifting and placing of one of the 3 big air handling units up and into the mechanical room.]
It was a busy week for all the crafts. The rough-in work and the drywall progress is shaping up.

Lobby Drywall July 16-20
[Picture: the new drywall in the lobby, especially up high in the copula where the boxed in beams create light cells to soften the reflected light.]
The gas company started installing the natural gas line to the building. Von’s worked on the sewer collection pit. Crafts people made progress with electric, plumbing, drywall, etc.

Sewer Manhole July 22-27
[Picture: vacuum tester on a sanitary sewer manhole. Von’s crew conducted the test under Ray's watchful eye. It passed, meaning no storm water will leak into the sanitary sewer from the manhole.]
Installation of the fire suppression sprinkler system was started. Hamstra's steel crew worked on exterior soffit and trim. Von's started on the 16" water main out by US 52. The supply side, natural gas line was installed by Vectren to the building. Additional drywall, insulation, electrical, and HVAC ductwork progressed this week.