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 Construction Pictures - Page 4

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Window Installation July 30-August 3
[Picture: celebrates the first installation of windows. Corey and Chris from New Castle Glass and Mirror are busy installing glass in an office window.]
Doors and windows started going in this week! In the mezzanine mechanical room we now have a water heater, heating system pumps, and the main electrical distribution panel, to name a few of the systems going in. Other crafts; plumbing, electric, drywall, painting, etc. continue to make progress.

Dehumidifier July 9-13
[Picture: One of the dehumidifiers that is being used along with big fans to bring down the moisture content of the fresh drywall so that finishing and painting can resume.]
The ACRE headquarters, pesticide building, and the construction site were electrified thanks to a portable generator provided by the Purdue electrical crew. Despite the heat, progress continued in the building for many crafts including sprinklers, plumbing, electrical, controls, drywall, and water main installation.

Glass Panels August 13-17
[Picture: Glass and white panels replaced the pink Styrofoam in the upper window frames, so the cupola is about finished.]
Karl did a good job of dehumidifying the building and the drywall finishers were back taping and "mudding." Preparations for sidewalks started. The frames and glass for the big windows in the multipurpose room were installed. The main front entrance frame was installed with some side-light glass.

Checking for Leaks August 20-24
[Picture: Larry from Trane checking for leaks on the unit in the mechanical room.]
The front doors (4 glass) are being installed Friday. The concrete sidewalk and pad in the back were poured this week. Hanging of drywall is nearly complete while finishing and painting have become the focus. The other crafts are very busy, especially plumbing and electrical.

Air Conditioner August 27-31
[Picture: Steve and Jarrod from B&S work hard at installing the air conditioning condenser this week while Karl operated the lift.]
Exterior work included topsoil on the south side of the building and several sections of sidewalk and drive construction, as well as, progress on the water system along US 52. Putting the big water meter vault into place was a big job.

Front Doors August 27-31
[Picture: Dan Cook and Brian installing the front windows at the main entrance.]