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 Construction Pictures - Page 4

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Upper Lobby September 4-7
[Picture: another look at the upper area of the lobby.]
The march towards completion continues from the crafts. Inside it is more steady work, plumbing, electrical, drywall, finishing, painting, etc. The interior metal door frames are hung. Several Audio-Visual specialists from Purdue visited Wednesday. Equipment will be ordered soon. Outside work continues on sidewalks, topsoil, building trim, window finish, & exterior lighting.

Building September 10-15
[Picture: taken late in the afternoon on September 15th near US 52 southwest of the building.]
Exterior building trim, gutters, downspouts, sidewalks, and topsoil placement are nearly done or are done. Interior finishing is quickening by the crafts. Computer network wiring and telephone wiring continues. Plumbers, electricians, duct workers, and other crafts continue toward completion. Otuside the work to complete the sewer and water, as well as, to restore the landscape proceeds.

Water Pipe Installation September 10-15
[Picture: Dave (center with orange shirt) and his crew from Synders in the safety of the trench box conducting a successful 36" bore under the county road for the sleeved installation of a 16" water pipe.]

North side view September 17-21
[Picture: north side view from earlier this week. The Hamstra painter in the center is working on exterior doors.]
Work continues on the interior and exterior. The painters have worked on several walls, including the east lobby. Ceiling tile have been placed in part of the east lobby, as well as the lobby ceiling lights, giving that area a more finished look up high. The electrical and plumbing crafts move forward.

Beck September 17-21
[Picture: Bill, a Hamstra craftsman, eyeing his lettering work.]
Outside work has included door painting, calking, entrance canopy finishing, fence removal and "Beck Agricultural Center" lettering.

Main Lobby September 24-28
[Picture: the main lobby looking west with afternoon light.]
Karl continues to bring the project towards completion. Tile layers worked on the restroom walls, as well as the floors in the serving room and work room this week. Ceiling tile are being placed in some areas. The exterior of the front canopy now has a nice white finish. On the grounds more leveling of soil occurred. Plans for the Duke Energy solar photo-cell electrical demonstration continue to evolve.