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 Construction Pictures- Page 4

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Beck Computer Render October 1-5
Our dream and the reality are coming together!

Beck nearly finished October 1-5
The interior is really beginning to have eye appeal, although there is much left to be finished. The vinyl floor tile is completed and cleaning and waxing is expected Saturday. The drywall is completed and the finishers and painters are very busy. The ceiling grid and ceiling tile are partially completed. The cabinetry was delivered Friday. The fire sprinkler system is nearly completed. Lighting controls and heating & cooling controls are being installed. Exterior grounds and utility work continues.

Placing Asphalt October 8-12
[Picture: the team from American Paving & Asphalt, Inc. placing binder asphalt in front of the building.]
Von's tapped the big Indiana American Water Co.'s water main down at CR 400 West. Duke Energy installed power to the sewer lift station and the electrician wired it in. Von's was also busy preparing the grounds, parking lot, and driveways. The electrical crew was busy with lighting and controls. The Purdue systems workers were here this week. More carpet was laid and more ceiling tile placed. Cabinets were installed by Hamstra workers. Painters were very busy too.

Exterior Lighting October 15-19
[Picture: celebrating the addition of exterior lighting.]
A semi load of furniture arrived today and a crew immediately started assembling it. Prior to the rain and earlier in the week, quite at lot of the leveling and grass seeding was accomplished. Finishing chores by many crafts continued especially carpeting, painting, restroom partition installation, cabinetry, caulking, controls, plumbing, security system installation, phone line connecting, testing, etc.

Karl and plaque October 22-26
[Picture: a west view of the multi-purpose room. ]
We are nearing completion! All this week the other crafts have been hustling to finish.

Classroom October 22-26
[Picture: Karl checking the Beck plaque in the lobby.]