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 Construction Pictures - Page 4

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Beck Finished October 26 - November 2
This week was all about the Beck Dedication! Sonny and Glenda again had the whole family involved in the dedication and ribbon cutting. Thank you Beck Family.
We hope people will utilize the wonderful resources that we have here at the ACRE.

Karl Whitaker October 26 - November 2
About 300 people attended either the dedication or open house. The guy who "delivered" on the project was the Construction Superintendent, Karl Whitaker (left), from Hamstra.
Karl and hundreds of others, including craftsmen and craftswomen, laborers, technicians, engineers and architects, along with Purdue faculty, staff, administrators, and Trustees, all worked to make this happen. Thank you!

Beck Family October 15-19
[Picture: from the Beck Agricultural Center Dedication on October 31, 2007.]
Purdue accepted the building, "Substantial Completion" on November 6th. Purdue inspectors are generating their "punch lists" and Karl's people are getting chores finalized.