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 Selected Alumni of the Biochemistry Graduate Program

Preparing students for exciting and productive scientific careers through our undergraduate and graduate training programs is a high priority in the Department. Our undergrad students who earn bachelor of science degrees in biochemistry obtain positions in biotechnology, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries or hospitals and government labs.  Many continue their education in medical, dental, veterinary, or law schools or obtain Ph.D. degrees in the molecular life sciences from some of the finest institutions in the country.  We are also very proud of the careers and scientific accomplishments of the graduates from our Ph.D. program.  As you can see from the representative list below, alumni from our graduate program have been remarkably successful in a wide variety of scientific careers.


Peter Dunn, Ph.D. 1973
Associate Vice President for Research and Director of University Research Administration and Compliance

Purdue University

Willie Vann, Ph.D. 1973
Cheif of the Laboratory of Bacterial Polysaccharides
Food and Drug Administration
Bethesda, MD

Daniel Walker, Ph.D. 1979

Ocena Consulting, LLC
Uppsala, Sweden


Michael J. Beach, Ph.D. 1987
Associate Director for Healthy Water
Natl Ctr for Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA

Jeffrey F. Dean, Ph.D. 1986
Professor, Forest Biotechnology

D.B. Warnell School of Forest Resources
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Robert Deschenes, Ph.D. 1984
Chair, Department of Molecular Medicine
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

Daniel Ebbole, Ph.D. 1988
Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Texas A & M University
College Station, TX

Craig C. Garner, Ph.D. 1984
Professor / Nancy Pritzker Laboratory
Stanford University Medical Center
Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
also Co-Director / Stanford Down Syndrome Center,
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

Kun-Liang Guan, Ph.D. 1988
Department of Pharmacology
University of California
La Jolla, CA

Tuajuanda Jordan, Ph.D. 1989
Senior Program Officer
Science Education Program
Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ MD
Chevy Chase, MD

Peter J. Kennelly, Ph.D. 1985
Professor and Head
Department of Biochemistry
Virginia Polytech. Inst. & State Univ.

Blacksburg, VA 

Chris Makaroff, Ph.D. 1986
Chair and Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemsitry
Miami University
Oxford, OH 

Scott Moye-Rowley, Ph.D. 1986
Professor and Executive Assoc. Head
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Carver College of Medicine
University of Iowa

Nilgun Tumer, Ph.D. 1982
Biotech Ctr for Agri & the Environment
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ


Ken Bischoff, Ph.D. 1995
Research Microbiologist
Renewable Products Technology Research Unit
National Center for Agriculture Utilization Research
U.S. Department of Agrculture
Peoria, IL

Colleen Jonsson, Ph.D. 1990
Professor and Director
Center for Predictive Medicine
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
University of Louisville

David Pot, Ph.D 1991
SRA International
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD

Eumorphia Remboutsika, Ph.D. 1994
PI Investigator of Stem Cell Biology Laboratory
Alexander Fleming Biomedical Sciences Research Center
Athens, Greece

Chris Sinclair, Ph.D. 1999
Research Scientist
Drug Product Development

Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Park, IL


Christopher Fraser, Ph.D. 2006
Bioanalytical Computing, LLC
Chicago, IL

Matija Hedl, Ph.D. 2003
Research Scientist
Yale University
Department of Internal Medicine
Digestive Disease
New Haven, CT

Timothy R. Holzer, Ph.D. 2005
Research Scientist
Diagnostic & Experimental Medicine
Eli Lilly & Company
Indianapolis, IN

John Humphreys, Ph.D. 2002
University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center
Dallas, TX