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Your Future in Biochemistry and Molecular Life Sciences

There has never been a more exciting time to launch a career in the life sciences. The completion of genome sequences and the development of powerful new technologies for analyzing genes and the proteins they encode are revolutionizing the life sciences. The potential now exists to answer questions about the function of cells and whole organisms that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. In this new era, life scientists can more rapidly translate their discoveries into technologies that will have immediate impact on human health and agricultural productivity. The excitement is not limited to academia. These developments have stimulated tremendous commercial interest at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and there is a growing demand for skilled life scientists. Because so much of the promise lies in deciphering the function of these newly discovered genes, biochemists will be center stage in this new era and are in demand at universities and companies. 


How Our Program Can Develop Your Career in Science

Our Ph.D. program prepares students for creative and productive research careers in academia or the private sector. We have a distinguished training record, with over 130 students receiving their degree from our department. Our graduates hold faculty positions at outstanding academic institutions throughout the world or lead research teams in government labs and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The broad interests of our faculty offer students a wide selection of research opportunities.

The Biochemistry Ph.D. program emphasizes: 

  • Mentorship & Training- creating an environment that promotes interaction between students and faculty members maximizing the opportunity for mentoring 
  • Teaching the Scientific Method- intensive training in experimental design and the critical analysis and interpretation of data beginning in the first year
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach- using a wide array of experimental techniques providing breadth and depth of training
  • Developing Scientific Communication Skills- the program includes a formal course on scientific presentation and many opportunities to perfect writing and speaking skills
We are pleased you are visiting our web site and hope you will take a closer look at other aspects of our graduate program. Complete a Request for Information form to receive more details about financial assistance, application deadlines, and other important items. You can also find more information about the Biochemistry Graduate Program in the Program Guidelines.

Please contact us if you have questions or need more information. We hope you will consider joining us as you develop your career and prepare for your scientific adventure in the new age of biology.





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