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Affordable Care Act Website

Money Smart Week  - To provide opportunities for residents to learn about a variety of financial and money management topics.
        *Save the Date April 5-12, 2014
        *Money Smart Week 

EITC Tax Help

Financial Management
Focus on...  Series of Extension publications
* Organization
* Money Personalities
* Your Net Worth
* Risk Management

* Savings and Investments
* Credit Cards
* Life's Challenges
* Retirement

Get Checking Workshop - 2014

To Your Credit Resources - Series of Extension Publications

Where Does Your $ Go?  Web based program
* Adding Up the Extras - Spending Leaks - worksheet
* Occasional Expenses - worksheet
* Savings Plan - worksheet
* Financial Planning for Retirement - Workbook
* Financial Security in Later Life

* Gas Savings - news release on how to improve vehicle miles per gallon

* Grocery Shopping on a Budget

* Indiana Saves - web based program to estimate family expenses and wealth

* Managing Money in Tough Times - web site

* Money Traps - tip sheet
* Predatory Payday - tip sheet
* Shop Smart - tip sheet
* Supermarket Savings - tip sheet
* Tax Refund - tip sheet
* When Your Income Drops - tip sheet

Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Other Resources:

* Indiana Department of Workforce Development

* MyMoney.gov is the U.S. government's website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are buying a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401(k), the resources on MyMoney.gov can help you maximize your financial decisions. Throughout the site, you will find important information from 20 Federal agencies and Bureaus designed to help you make smart financial choices.

* America Saves - web site

* CashCourse® provides financial education resources for colleges. It’s online, it’s free, it’s noncommercial, and it’s brought to you by The National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) – the only nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the well-being of all Americans.
* Smart About Money  - web site (National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®)
* High School Financial Planning Program - web site (NEFE®)

* NYSE Money Sense - Web Site - A credible resource for basic financial education to help people better understand and manage their personal finances.

 *Planning for a Secure Retirement - web site - Find video reports, articles, and resources about financial issues you need to consider as you prepare for and begin the earliest stages of retirement.


Healthy Home - web site

* Cleaning Formulas


Hotlines - list of various local, state and national agencies


Purdue Extension suggests the following links for information regarding Home & Money:

Health and Human Sciences Extension - Provides educational programs that increase knowledge, influence attitudes, teach skills, inspire aspirations and change behaviors.

Money on Your Mind - Resources and links to web sites.

Power Pay - Debt repayment program for repaying debts and for spending plan help.