Revised 12/20/08



Project Selection
Projects are selected early in the club year when enrollment forms are completed.  Usually, younger members should limit their projects to one or two.  Older, experienced members may be able to do several different projects in a given year.  Each member should decide for themselves how many projects to take.  Consider what else you are involved in throughout the summer because if you are extremely busy you many only want to take a few projects.  Talk to your local club leader and parents for further suggestions.

When Selecting a 4-H Project Consider:

·         Interest - does the project interest the 4-H’er and does it fit the family interest and situations?

·         Skill Level - some projects are enrolled by grade and others enroll by skill level;

·         Space - you may have a garden in a window box or a large plot of land;

·         Cost - may vary from a $1.00 for flower seeds to several $100.00 for a large animal and the equipment.

·         Skill - you may start by: taking simple photographs and move on to developing your own video; or from making a simple wooden tool box to crafting a cedar chest.

·         Time - will vary:  from perfecting a batch of cookies, building a model to caring for an animal.

Add / drop date
The Add / Drop date is June 1.  To either add or drop projects, fill out an Add / Drop form.  Have your leader sign the form and then return the signed form to the Extension Office.  NOTE: It is better to adjust your project list by June 1 rather than not completing a project.  (Later in your 4-H career, when you apply for awards and trips, the Awards Committee will look at the number and type of projects that were complete and incomplete.)