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Food and Health 


Dining with Diabetes

This program is for people with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes and their caregivers; but is is also helpful to anyone interested in diabetes or friends and family of people with diabetes.  You'll learn how to lessen the health risks of diabetes.  Topics covered in this program are food choices, diet planning, healthy cooking, portion control, medical indicator awareness, and healthy activity levels for those with diabetes. 

Participants will watch food preparation presentations, taste test, and take home recipes.  Dining with Diabetes participants report increased knowledge of nutrition and diabetes management, increased exercise, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, and increased dairy intake.  They also practice healthful cooking and food preparation methods more often after the program compared with before the program. 

Dining with Diabetes will be offered in four sessions.  Classes will begin April 3rd at the Warren County Learning Center. 

Please contact Monica Wilhoite at mwilhoit@purdue.edu or call the Extension Office at (765) 793-2297 if interested in registering for the program.


Beginning in 2005, the Indiana Food Code required one individual per food service establishment to have a food handler certification when inspected by the Board of Health.

ServSafe training and certification sets the standard in food safety with the most up-to-date and relevant information.  It brings together the current best practices to meet the industry's changing needs.  Participants in the trainings stay engaged, retain the information better, and understand how to apply it.  The certification is valid for five (5) years and then must be renewed by successfully completing the certification exam. 

ServSafe Classes will be offered at the Warren County Learning Center on April 7th and April 9th.  The Food Handler Certification exam will be offered at the conclusion of the class on Wednesday, April 9th.

Please contact Monica Wilhoite at mwilhoit@purdue.edu or call the Extension Office at (765) 793-2297 if interested in registering for the program.

Selecting the Best Produce

The new 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend making half of your plate Fruits and Vegetables. Below is a link to publications detailing in season produce for the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Here you should find excellent information to help you select the best produce for your plate.

Varying your fruits and vegetables is crucial to ensure you are getting all your vitamins. The different vitamins and nutrients in Fruits and Vegetables help your vision, increase your immune system, and play a role in disease and cancer prevention. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables contain fiber to help keep the intestinal tract moving and aids in satiety.  These nutrients do not last long in the body so make sure to eat five servings a day to keep your vitamin levels steady.

Please use these publications for new recipe ideas and proper selection and storage of your fresh produce.  Selecting the Best Produce.pdf

Family Nutrition Program



Purdue Extension suggests the following links for information regarding Food & Health:

Health and Human Sciences Extension - Provides resources for consumers to understand and evaluate nutrition and food safety information.