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Leadership Academy Tours State House 

 2010 Fulton County Leadership Academy Tours the Indiana State House


Fulton County Leadership Academy

There are many groups actively pursuing growth, excellence, and new solutions to problems in Fulton County.  Purdue Extension is involved in many areas of community development.  We are proud of the community and their many achievements.  We have chosen to highlight the Fulton County Leadership Academy because of the many faceted programs that come out of the creative minds and the hard work of the leaders who are being trained.

If you are interested in the Fulton County Leadership Academy here is a link for their brochure.  

          Fulton County Leadership Academy Brochure

 More about the Fulton County Leadership Academy and it's relationship to Extension.

Fulton County had a local leadership program for many years. Due to the unavailability of a facilitator this program had ceased operating in 1998. Leadership programs are difficult to find and those available are prohibitively expensive for a community of this size. Many of the Fulton County current leaders had been through the program when it was operating and several prominent members of the community lamented the current lack of a program specifically geared to the local community. In the past, this program had brought many improvements to the community, including a Farmers Market created with the involvement of Purdue Extension.

 A  new Leadership Academy was created in 2005-2006 as an off shoot of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. The Extension Educator was involved in the organization of the committee that launched
the new Academy and provided leadership in the selection of committee members.
Utilizing Purdue's "I-Lead" leadership program as the basic component, the Extension Educator is the main class facilitator. Classes include a monthly “I-Lead” program, in addition to a program aimed at
informing the class on local issues. Other classes involved tours of the community, local government offices and the Indiana Statehouse.

 Eighteen people completed the class in each of the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

 All classes have been involved in local projects.  As a result of this year’s class; a coat drive yielded 1,454 items of clothing for the needy, and the beginnings of a beach being placed on Lake Manitou.  Respondents to a class survey stated the following:

"I will listen before I speak.  I will keep my eyes and mind open as I live in our community.  I will show greater respect for others, no matter what their job is.  I will share my knowledge of our community with others."

"I feel that the leadership academy has helped me in my communication skills and self confidence."

"FCLA was a good experience.  I enjoyed and learned from the tours.  I appreciated interacting with the class material.  FCLA was an opportunity to be intellectually stimulated, to meet new people and to become a better citizen."

 As a result of this training, This year’s class member state that they would be more likely to do the following :    Join a community organization (11), Take an office within an organization (6), and chair
a committee(6).


Other local links that may provide helpful information to you:

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