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Stage2: BU-6843 Lift Off

Stage 3: BU-6844 Reaching New Heights

Stage 4: BU-6845 Pilot in Command

4-H Club General Record 


Aquatic Science


 Aquatic Science Manual


Arts and Crafts

        Fine Arts
        Needle Crafts
        Construction Toys
        Any Other Craft
        Wearable Art

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4-H 681 Finishing Touches

Arts Craft Info Card




Bite into Beef

Here's the Beef

Leading the Change

Indiana 4-H Livestock Website






Division 1: 4-H 571 W Understanding the Honey Bee

Division 2: 4-H 586-W Working with Honey Bees

Division 3 & Above: 4-H 593 Advanced Beeking Methods

 Division 1: 4-H 571A-W

Division2: 4-H 586A-W

Division 3 & Above: 4-H 593A-W

Independent Advanced Topic 4-H-NR-AT

Independent Mentoring 4-H-NR-M

Bicycle and Bicycle Rodeo



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Bicycle 1: BU-8334 Bicycling for Fun

Bicycle 2: BU-8335 Wheels in Motion

Indiana 4-H Bicycle Website


 4-H Club General Record



Cake Decorating


4-H 710 Wilton School Decorating Cakes Reference 

Beginner Skills Card

Intermediate Skills Card

Advanced Skills Card

All Divisions 4-H 710A-W




Level 1: BU-6148 Purr-fect Pals

Level 2: BU-6149 Climbing Up

Level 3: BU-6150 Leaping Forward

Vaccination Form 

Cat Poster


 Same as Cat


Child Development


 Level A: 4-H 973 Building a Bright Beginning

Level B: 4-H 974 Building Blocks of Learning

Level C: 4-H 975 Building a Strong Foundation

Level D: 4-H 976 Building Relationships Toward a Brighter Tomorrow

 Level A 4-H 973A-W

Level B 4-H 974A-W

Level C 4-H 975A-W

Level D 4-H 976A-W




No Manual

Collections Record Sheet


      Interactive Demonstration
      Demonstration Contest
      Public Speaking




Level 1: Bu-8846 Newbie Know-How

Level 2: BU-8347 Computer 1 Inside the Box or BU-8348 Computer 2 Peer to Peer

Level 3: BU-8349 Computer 3 Teens Teaching Tech 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 

Consumer Clothing


 Beginner: 4-H 730 Consumer Clothing Beginning

Intermediate: 4-H 731 Consumer Clothing Intermediate

Advanced: 4-H 732 Consumer Clothing Advanced


All Divisions 4-H 751 W 


Creating with a Mix


No Manual

 Record Sheet

Creative Writing


No Manual

Record Sheet 4-H 528




Corn Beginner: 4-H 672

Corn Intermediate: 4-H 673

Corn Advanced: 4-H 674

Soybeans: 4-H 209

4-H Small Grains Project

Crops Beginner

Crops Intermediate

Crops Advanced

Cupcake Decorating

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 No Manual


Dairy Cattle




Dairy Goats




Do Your Own Thing






Level 1: BU-8166 Wiggles & Wags

Level 2: Bu-8167 Canine Correction

Level  3: BU-8168 Leading the Pack

Dog Obedience


Dog Record Sheet 4-H 390 W

Vaccination Certification 4-H 671 W


Dog Poster


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Level 1: BU-8166 Wiggles & Wags

Level 2: BU-8167 Canine Correction

level 3: Bu-8168 Leading the Pack

General Record Sheet



 Division 1: 4-H 421 Getting on Track with Electricity

Division 2: 4-H 422 Scoring Electricity Through Magnetism

Division 3: 4-H 423 Alternating Youth Thoughts about Electricity

Division 4: 4-H 1000 Lighting the Way

Division 5-10: 4-H 425 Electricity Works for You Advanced

Indiana 4-H Electric Program Website

Division 1 4-H 421A

Division 1 4-H 421 B

Division 2 4-H 422A-W

Division 2 4-H 422B-W

Division 3 4-H 4223A-W

Division 4 4-H 1000AW

Divisions 5-10 Adv. 





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Level 1:BU-6853 creepy Crawlies

Level: BU-6854 What's Bugging You?

Level 3: BU-6855 Dragons, House, & Other Flies

Indiana 4-H Entomology Website 

Entomology Record Sheet 4-H 15-20A

Independent Study - Advanced Topic

Independent Study - Mentoring



Fashion Revue

        Sewing Wearable
        Consumer Clothing
        Wearable Arts
        Just Sew (Wearable Items)


No Manual

Flowers [Floriculture]


 Level A: 4-H 966

Level B: 4-H 967

Level C: 4-H 968

Level D: 4-H 969

Level A 4-H 966W

Level B 4-H 967W

Level B Plant Record

Level C 4-H 968W

Level D 4-H 969w

Level D Plant Record


Foods and Nutrition

         Baked Products
         Frozen and Canned Products




Level A: BU-7144 Six Easy Bites

Level B: BU-7146 Tasty Tidbits

Level C: BU-7148 You're the Chef

Level D: BU-7150 Foodworks 

Recipe Card


Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D







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Introductory: BU-8038 Follow the Path

General: BU-8039 Reach for the Canopy

Woodland Management: BU-8040 Explore the Deep Woods

Independent: No specific reference

 Introductory 4-H 8038A-W

General 4-H 8039A-W

Woodland Managment 4-H 8040A-W

Independent 4-H 8040IS-W




LEvel A: BU-7162 See Them Sprout

Level B: BU-7163 Let's Get Growing

Level C: BU-7164 Take Your Pick

Level D: 4-H 828 Growing Profits 

4-H Publication 970 W


Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D 



 4-H 748 Genealogy Resource Guide

4-H 748E-W Genealogy Exhibit Guidelines

Indiana 4-H Project Website


All Divisions 4-H 748 B 




 Level 1: 4-H 985 Geology 1

Level 2: 4-H 986 Geology 2

Level 3: 4-H 987 Geology 3

Independent: No manual provided

Indiana 4-H Geology Website

Level 1 4-H 985A-W

Level 2 4-H 986A-W

Level 3 4-H 987A-W

Independent Advanced topic 4-H NR-AT

Independent Mentoring 4-H-NR-M

Gift Wrapping


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 No Manual

 Record Sheet



 Level 1: BU-8174 First Aid in Action

Level 2: BU-8175 Staying Healthy

Level 3: BU-8176 Keeping Fit

Health Record Sheet 4-H 8174A-W




 No Manual


Home Environment


Level 1: 4-H 1011-W Home Environment: Color, Texture, Line & Shape

Level 2& 3: 4-H 1012 Home Environment: Design Decisions 

All Levels 4-H 1011A-W


Horse Lovers


No Manual

General Record Sheet

Horse & Pony


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 4-H 661 Horse & Pony Handbook


Junior Leaders

No Manual

No Record Sheet

Just Sew

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No Manual


Meat Goats




Microwave Cooking


Level A: BU-8087 Bag of Tricks

Level B: BU-8088 Micro Magicians

Level C: BU-8089 Amazing Rays

Level D: BU-8090 Presto Meals

 Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


Music Activities


No Manual


My World

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No Manual



Level A: 4-H 956 A, A Style of My Own

Level B: 4-H 957 How do We Fit Together?

Level C: 4-H 958 Knowing Myself & Giving to Others

Level D: 4-H 959 Expanding My Horizons

Grade 3: 4-H 956A-W

Grade 4: 4-H 956B-W

Grade5: 4-H 957A-W

Grade 6: 4-H 957B-W

Grade 7: 4-H 958A-W

Grade 8: 4-H 958 B-W

Grade 9: 4-H 958C-W

Grade 10: 4-H 959A-W

Grade 11: 4-H 959B-W

Grade 12: 4-H 959C-W



        Black and White Prints
        Color Prints
        Black and White Salon
        Color Salon


Level 1: PC-1 Focus on Photography

Level 2: PC-2 Controlling the Image

Level 3: PC-3 Mastering Photography


Photography Record Sheet 4-H 621 W




 No Manual



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Poultry Poster






Rabbit Poster




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No Manual




No Manual




No Manual


Sewing Construction


 Level A: 4-H 924 Let's Sew & 4-H 925 Sew Simple

Level B: 4-H 926 Sew Smart

Level C: 4-H 927 Sew Fine

Level D: 4-H 928 And Sew On

Grades 3  & 4 - Skills Card

Grades 5 - Skills Card

Grade 6 - Skills Card

Grades 7 - Skills Card

Grades 8-12 - Skills Card


Grade 3: 4-H 925 A-W

Grade 4: 4-H 925B-W

Grade5: 4-H 926A-W

Grade6: 4-H 926B-W

Grade 7: 4-H 927A-W

Grade 8 & 9: 4-H 927B-W

Grade 10 -12 - 4-H 928A-W






Shooting Sports

        Shooting Sports Poster
        Shooting Sports Demonstration

 No Manual

 Shooting Sports Exhibit Record Sheet

Summary Record Sheet

Personal Goals Record Sheet

Meeting Record Sheet


Small Engines


Level 1: BU-8186 Crank It Up

Level 2: BU -8187 Warm It Up

Level 3: BU-8189 Tune It UP

Level 1 Record Sheet

Level 2 Record Sheet

Level 3 Record Sheet

Soil & Water Conservation 

 Level A: 4-H 795

Level B: 4-H 796

Level C: 4-H 797

Level D: 4-H 798



Level 1: BU - 7598

Level 2: BU-7599

Level 3: BU-7600

Levels 1-3: 4-H 7589A-W

Independent Advanced Topic 4-H NR-AT

Independent Mentoring 4-H NR-M



4-H 38 The Strawberry Project

Indiana Strawberry Project Record Sheet



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Tractor Driving

         Agriculture Tractor
         Lawn and Garden Tractor
         Zero Turn Tractor


Level A: 4-H 961 Starting UP - Getting to Know Your Tractor

Level B:4-H 962 Tractor Operation - Gearing Up for Safety

Level C: 4-H 963 Moving Out!

Level D: 4-H 964 Learning More!

Indiana 4-H Tractor Website



Tractor Poster

      Agriculture Tractor
      Lawn and Garden Tractor

See Tractor Driving

Veterinary Science




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 Level 1: BUO-8048 From Airedales to Zebras

Level 2: BU-8049 All Systems Go

Level 3: BU-8050 On the Cutting Eduge

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3



 Level 1: 4-H 346 Weather Watchers

Level 2: 4-H 379 Storm Spotters

Level 3: 4-H 399 Clouds: Signposts of the Sky

Level 4: 4-H 426 Fronts & Symbols

Indiana 4-H Weather Website

Level 1 4-H 346B-W

Level 2 4-H 379A-W

Level 3 4-H 399A-W

Level 4 4-H 426B-W

Independent Advanced Topic 4-H NR-AT

Independent Mentoring 4-H-NR-M


 4-H 247 Weed Identification & Control: Know Your Weeds

Level 1: 4H247A-W

Level 2: 4H247B-W

Level 3 4H247C-W




 Level A: 4-H 903

Level B: 4-H 904

Level C: 4-H 905

Level D: 4-H 906

Indiana 4-H Wildlife Website

Level A 4-H 903B-W

Level B 4-H 904A-W

Level C 4-H 905A-W

Level D: 4-H 906AB-W

Independent Advanced Topic 4-H-NR-AT

Independent Mentoring 4-H-NR-M



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 Level A: BU-6875 Measuring Up

Level B: BU-6876 Making the Cut

Level C: BU-6877 Nailing It Together

General Record Sheet