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Elementary Education Programs

Purdue Extension-Huntington County seeks to provide well-researched, educational materials that can be utilized within local classrooms. Currently, we offer a few great programs that meet the core elementary curriculum standards for Indiana, and we’d love to visit your classroom to help you get started on them. Check out the programs below to see if any are right for your students!

Chick Embryology

The Chick Embryology program offered by the Purdue Extension Office allows your students to walk thought the biological steps of hatching animals. The embryos used in the classrooms are incubated up to 18 or 19 days, then delivered to the classroom along with an incubator, so the students can enjoy the final steps of the development process. In addition, a binder filled with educational materials is provided to teachers as a tool in guiding classes through the 21-day process of the chick’s growth inside the egg. Students are also taught the difference between unfertilized, which are found in the store for consumption, and fertilized eggs, as well as learning the different parts of the egg and how the maturing embryo is sustained within the cell as it prepares to hatch.

Professor Popcorn

The Professor Popcorn program seeks to help the youth of Huntington County develop into healthy adults though the use of experiential learning. With curriculum developed using MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, this program places an emphasis on the different elements of a healthy lifestyle, including how to eat right, using safe food-handling techniques and incorporating physical activity into the students’ regular routines. Professor Popcorn was developed for grades K-5, and each level has its own emphasis. This program uses a mix of games, fun activities, visuals, and individualized recipes to help students understand the importance of healthy food and physical choices in their lives.  Ultimately, the Professor Popcorn program seeks to instill a solid foundation of good habits so students will understand what a healthy lifestyle is and how to apply it directly to the choices they make every day.


Though many of us may only consider them fish bait, worms play a key role in enriching the soil of farmland all over the world. Through a partnership with local worm farmers, the Extension Office is able to provide a program in which students examine worms doing what they do best—aerating soil by burrowing through their habitat and enhancing the quality of the soil with their waste, also referred to as castings. A simple worm kit, consisting of a small tub of dirt and worms, is delivered to teachers along with a binder of materials that covers the worms’ anatomy, diet, reproductive systems and various educational resources about different types of worms that are both a benefit and detriment to Indiana farms.

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For more information on these programs, contact the Extension Office at (260) 358-4826, or email huntingtonces@purdue.edu.