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Johnson County Extension Homemakers

Our MissionExtension Homemakers Logo

"To strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support"

What Is an Extension Homemakers Club?

It is an organization that provides educational opportunities in a fun and social atmosphere. Extension Homemakers clubs generally meet once a month to share information that will help strengthen our homes and families. There are extension homemakers clubs all over the world, with about 20,000 members in the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association. In Johnson County, we have more than 250+ members participating in 18 local clubs and Mailbox membership.

The Indiana Extension Homemakers website provides additional information.

How Is Extension Homemakers Different from Other Organizations?

While other organizations may be primarily social or service clubs, our main goal in Extension Homemakers is education. We strive to broaden our member's horizons by providing in-depth information in an informal setting. We also provide volunteer support in our community and work to encourage leadership qualities in our members. And, of course, we like to have fun, too!

For more information about joining the Johnson County Extension Homemakers, please contact Shirley Kirkham, Membership Chair, at (317) 888-1580.

BITS AND PIECES -This newsletter is distributed five times per year and costs $10 which includes membership in the Johnson County Extension Homemaker Association. If you would like to receive Bits and Pieces just contact us at the Extension Office.

If you have questions on dieting, child care, budgeting, food safety, food preparation, storage, quantity cookery, or other family matters please call Linda Souchon at (317) 736-3724 or write via email.


Part of our Homemakers Creed says that we will " pass on to others that which has benefited us." The Johnson County Extension Homemakers have both educational and social opportunities which will benefit you! Upcoming events, which are open to the public, are listed on the calendar. Please register by calling (317) 736-3724.  



EH Club Agenda Form

EH Club Activities Report (due 7/31/13)

EH Monthly Report (Due 15th of each month)

EH Reimbursement Form for Committee Expense

EH Due Dates

Home & Family First Timer (Due 3/1/13) & $50 Scholarship Award Application (Due 4/23/13)

EH Club Officers Form (due 3/1)

Dues Form to County Treasurer


Treasurer Dues Roster

Secretary Attendance Roster

Jo. Co. EH Volunteer Hours Form for 2011-12 (Due 7/31/13)

EH List of Member Names & Addresses Form (due 5/1/13)