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Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit

Information for Business Owners and Managers

 ·   Why You Should Care About Having a Drug-Free Workplace http://www.workplace.samhsa.gov/wpworkit/pdf/why_you_should_care_about_having_a_drug_free_workplace_fs.pdf

§        ·   Developing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy http://www.workplace.samhsa.gov/wpworkit/pdf/developing_a_drug_free_workplace_policy_br.pdf

 §  How to Inform Your Employees About Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy http://www.workplace.samhsa.gov/wpworkit/pdf/how_to_inform_employees_about_your_drug_free_fs.pdf

 ·   Top 12 Reasons Why a Good Drug-Free Workplace Program Goes Bad http://www.dol.gov/asp/programs/drugs/workingpartners/materials/dfwp-12-reasons.pdf

Fact Sheets for Supervisors & Employees

·          ·        First-Line Facts for Supervisors in English & Spanish  http://www.dol.gov/asp/programs/drugs/workingpartners/First-Line_Fact_Sheet.pdf

      ·       Fast Facts for Employees in English & Spanish  http://www.dol.gov/asp/programs/drugs/workingpartners/Fast_Facts.pdf

      ·       LCC Drug Fact Sheets


§  A Safe, Healthy, and Drug-Free Workplace is Everyone’s Business http://www.dol.gov/asp/programs/drugs/workingpartners/materials/wpposter.asp

§  Working Drug-Free Works http://www.dol.gov/asp/programs/drugs/workingpartners/materials/wpposter-12.asp

§  Are Profits Going Up In Smoke?

§  There are Better Ways to Burn $2000 a Year!

Training Programs for Supervisors & Employees

  • §        ·   Supervisor Drug-Free Workplace Training Program

§        · Employee Drug-Free Workplace Education  Program


Note: Scroll down the page to Presentation Materials. You must save the files to access the presenter notes. 

Quitline Information for Smoking Cessation

§         ·   Quit Now Indiana Employer Toolkit http://www.indianatobaccoquitline.net

           · Employer Enrollment Form http://www.in.gov/quitline/files/QL_PrefProvEnrollForm_FIN.pdf

      · Employer Enrollment Form http://www.in.gov/quitline/files/QLfaxreferral.pdf

     · Are Profits Going Up In Smoke?

      · There are Better Ways to Burn $2000 a Year!