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Wondering what to do with that extra Halloween candy?

A week has passed since Halloween. Do you still have a pile of Halloween candy in your house? If you have the will power, it is ok to keep that extra candy and allow yourself one piece per day to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of us do not have that will power, however! Here are some ideas for using up that candy or getting it of your house.

  • Donate it. Many community groups accept donations of Halloween candy to send to troops overseas.


  • Sell it. Some dentists pay for candy by the pound in hopes of preventing at least a few cavities. Check out your local dentists to see if this is an option for you.


  • Repurpose it. Save hard candies, gumdrops, and M&M's for decorating your gingerbread house next month.



Image courtesy of the National Cancer Institute, Renee Comet, photographer


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