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This list of common plant and pest problems in Indiana is currently being developed.

Common Plant Problems in Indiana
Anthracnose of Sycamore and Other Trees
Apple Scab of Flowering Crabapple
Bagworm on Evergreens and Other Ornamentals (More Information)
Blossom End Rot of Tomato and Other Vegetables (More Information)
Bronze Birch Borer (More Information) New Link 4/2010
Canker Diseases of Trees and Shrubs (More Information}
Carpenter Bees (More Information) (More Information)
Cedar Apple Rust / Cedar Hawthorn Rust
Cedar Quince Rust of Hawthorn
Cicada Killer Wasp (More Information}
Euonymus Scale (More Information) New Link 4/2010
Fire Blight
Green June Beetle (More Information) (More Information)
Hawthorn Leafminer (More Information) (More Information) New Link 4/2010
Honeylocust Plant Bug (More Information) (More Information) New Link 4/2010
Iron (or Manganese) Chlorosis of Pin Oak and Other Trees (More Information)
Japanese Beetle
Leaf Scorch of Trees and Shrubs
Leaves Color and/or Drop Early (Trees)
Moles (More Information) (More Information) (More Information)
Moss in the Lawn (More Information) (More Information) (More Information)
Pine Needle Scale (More Information) New Link 4/2010
Powdery Mildew of Ornamentals
Rose Black Spot (More Information)
Tomato Blossom End Rot (see Blossom End Rot of Tomato and Other Vegetables)
Tomato Hard Core
Tomato Leaf Diseases (More Information)
Tomato Ripening Slowly/Not Ripening (More Information)
Tomato Wilt Diseases (More Information)
Tree Decline
White Pine Decline
Wood Decay of Trees (More Information) (More Information)

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