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Our Mission:

The mission of the Economic & Community Development faculty at the Marion County Extension Office is to provide research based, timely and relevant educational programs and experiences that inform and can be used to:

1. Increase Community Vitality

2. Build Leadership Capacity

3. Enhance Public Decision-Making

4. Resolve Public Issues

5. Increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Goal:

Is to be the premier source of high quality educational tools and resources that can be used to increase public engagement and leadership capacity building for youth and adults in Marion County.  We will achieve this goal by working in partnership with citizens to develop their leadership skills and support active participation in setting their own goals and implement a vision for their neighborhoods and communities.

Our Objectives:

1. Expand community relations by widening the circle of influence and making our programs available to a wide and diverse audience through leveraging of resources and partnerships with local government, non-profit agencies, community organizations, Schools and other youth and adult serving agencies.

2. Enhance citizen leadership capacity by providing training and learning opportunities that foster understanding and develop skills necessary for living and thriving in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society. 

The following program offerings and engagement practices are leading us to our goal:

For additional information about our community programs and training opportunities, please contact: Carmen DeRusha 317-275-9253                or                 George Okantey 317-275-9263

E-mail: cderusha@purdue.edu                                          E-mail:  Okantey@purdue.edu


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