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Monroe County Extension Homemakers

Welcome! I hope that you will find this section of our Purdue Extension-Monroe County website helpful in learning more about the Monroe County Extension Homemaker Clubs. The Purdue Extension- Monroe County office is very proud to have 16 current active clubs in Monroe County. The Monroe County Extension Homemakers are part of a larger organization, the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association.  The mission of the Indiana Extension Homemakers is the same for our county, “to strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support.” 

The clubs are a great opportunity if you are interested in supporting, encouraging, and developing lifelong learning and fostering meaningful relationships. Our clubs are rooted in tradition and service to Monroe County and are evolving and growing every day and throughout the years. Everyone is invited to join and the clubs are always looking for and encouraging new individuals (men and women) to join and get involved with all that is happening in Monroe County.For further information, please check out the Extension Homemakers Clubs listed to the right, where there is information listed for the individual clubs and when and where they meet!

As always, feel free to call the Purdue Extension-Monroe County Office for more information. One of the biggest ways our Extension Homemakers contribute to the community is through volunteering and supporting the Open Class Division of the Monroe County Fair! We look forward to continuing the traditions and instilling the passion for learning and volunteering in our community.