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 Mini 4-H

Designed for youth currently in kindergarten through second grade. Contact the Extension OFfice or the Mini 4-H Leader(s) for details. See below for a project list and requirement suggestions. Click her for a Mini 4-H Brochure.


  • Take a picture of you and your bike
  • Describe the ways you use your bike, or label bike parts
  • Explain why it is important to wear a helmet.
  • Collections

  • Collect 5 items or 5 pairs of items
  • Go to a museum and look at many collections, write a report to discuss.
  • Crafts

  • Make your own Creative Craft!
  • Dinosaurs

  • Make a fossil cast (you can use bones, leaves or twigs!)
  • Find four pictures of dinosaurs
  • Make a model of your favorite dinosaur.
  • Entomology

  • Make a poster showing a bug’s life cycle.
  • Make a scrapbook of your group doing a bug exhibit.
  • Design and make your own bug from materials at home.
  • Farm Animals

  • Make a poster showing the different things that farm animals make for us
  • Make a poster showing the different kinds of farm animals.
  • Foods

  • Make a peanut butter sandwich or popcorn snack...Add your own special ingredient!
  • Make a poster with kitchen safety rules
  • Forestry

  • Draw a Tree
  • Describe uses of wood,
  • Collect and identify leaves or trees
  • Gardening

  • Grow and exhibit three vegetables
  • Create a scrapbook of pictures of vegetables
  • Helping Mom and Dad

  • Exhibit five pictures showing what you do to help around the house or farm.
  • Legos

  • Build an article of your choice
  • Models

  • Make a snap together plastic model
  • Make a model out of clay or popsicle sticks
  • My Pet and Me

  • Make a scrapbook or poster about your special pet.
  • Plants and Flowers

  • Grow and cut three flowers to exhibit
  • Grow and exhibit a flowering plant in a pot
  • Make a poster to show the different parts of a plant
  • Sewing

  • Create a sewing kit
  • Make a pin cushion
  • Sew a teddy bear, cat, or pillow
  • Soil and Water

  • Create your own Agri-Buddy
  • Write a story on the adventures of a worm
  • Write a story about the travels of a raindrop.
  • Sportfishing

  • Learn how to fish safely
  • Sun, Stars and Space

  • Make a solar system
  • Make a poster showing different constellations
  • Whales and Dolphins

  • Find and identify pictures of dolphins or whales
  • Make a poster to show how big whales are by comparing it to something you already know
  • Make a model of your favorite whale or dolphin
  • Wildlife Adventure

  • Make a poster identifying birds
  • Create a bird watching chart
  • Observe and describe different animal characteristics