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Food and Health 

Food And Nutrition Resources & Web Links


Web Sites For Making Healthy Food Choices

Fruits and Veggies Matter - This site maintained by the Center of Disease Control has many neat interactive tools for evaluating and planning for healthy food choices.

My Pyramid - Use this site to develop eating plans personalized for your activity level, age many other factors.  There are interactive tools for evaluating food choices, and colorful age appropriate information

Food PreservationThe National Center for Home Food Preservation   
This site provides USDA recommendations based on current research for most methods of food preservation.  Included are canning freezing, drying, curing, smoking, fermenting, pickling, making jams, jellies and preserves.  This is also the place to order your copy of "So Easy To Preserve."  This 375 page book has over 185 tested, food-safe recipes with step by step instructions that will be a reliable resource for new and experienced food preservers. The National Center was developed with funding from the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture and is housed at the University of Georgia.

Web Sites on Food Preservation

Food Safety   

In the United States, approximately 76 million cases of food-borne illness occur each year. More than 325,000 people are hospitalized for food-borne illness and 5,000 will die from food-borne illness.

Following the four steps of Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill are essential for home food safety. These four steps used to be known as the "Fight Bac!" rules. The new message from USDA and the Partnership for Food Safety Education is "Be Food Safe: Harmful Bacteria Can Make People Sick."

Web Sites and Publications on Food Safety


Contact the HHS Extension educator in Clay or Owen county about the following programs for details!  We would love to work with you!

      • Family Nutrition Program
      • Available to food stamp recipients in 53 Indiana counties. Through programs in homes and community settings, participants develop the knowledge and skills in nutrition, meal planning, food purchasing, and food preparation and safety. 
          • Raising Healthy Eaters
          • Geared for parents and providers of children ages 2-5, classes include activities, food preparation, and discussion focusing on nutrition, eating behaviors, and parenting.  
        • •Tools for Healthy Eaters
          This program provides elementary students with information they can begin to use immediately for building long, healthy lives and lasting relationships.  Presented by arrangement with schools for 4th and 5th grade classrooms in Clay and Owen Counties by the Health & Human Sciences Educator and the Family Nutrion Program Coordinator.

          •Healthy Eaters on the Grow
          • Designed for team presentation in child care centers, this program provides guidance for enhancing meals and snacks economically, while avoiding pitfalls that lead to childhood obesity, and increase variety of foods children voluntarily select.
  • Have a Healthy Baby
    Prenatal nutrition education program consisting of six lessons that emphasize nutrition and lifestyle choices — smoking, drinking, and drugs. The program is research-based and taught by trained, caring professionals.  Offered periodically.
  • Angel Food - The angel food ministry is available monthly here at the Extension Office and can help a family with healthy food choices at an economic price.  AngelFood is ordered through the Owen Valley Christian Fellowship Church office located accross from OVHS by Casey's Gas Station.  You may call them at 812-828-9840.  The menu and info for the program is located by selecting the Angel Food link. Angel Food comes in a box which would feed a family of four for about a week and is discounted.  For more info about the boxes select the link. Recipes:
    May Angel Food Recipes
    January Angel Food Recipes


(For purchase)

.Personal and Family Fitness

The President's Council on Fitness and Sports - This site for both you and your family will start you on the road to greater fitness and a more active life, while you earn awards from the President's Council .  There is an interactive physical activity and fitness site available there at no fee.

Governor Mitch Daniel's INShape Indiana - Hoosiers and their workplaces find a structure here for building improved health and fitness. Nutrition, weight loss, physical activity and tobacco cessation needs are among those topics addressed.   You can even access a personal trainer!


Rural Caregivers Website -  Caregiving is both challenging and rewarding.  If you live in an isolated area, have difficulties with delivery of services and supplies, or need to meet unique needs of homebound children and adults, or agricultural workers with disabilities, this resource will provide both provide information and an online community of support. 


Purdue Extension suggests the following links for information regarding Food & Health:

Health and Human Sciences Extension - Provides resources for consumers to understand and evaluate nutrition and food safety information.