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Family Nutrition Program (FNP)

The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) in Perry County is a free service for individuals with limited resources. The goal is to empower limited resource audiences to make healthy food choices, prepare safe meals, use food dollars wisely and engage in regular physical activity to enhance the quality of life. Participants learn how to provide healthy meals while stretching their food dollars. FNP is for families, single adults, youth, and special audiences such as senior citizens.

The FNP Assistant works with both individuals and groups sharing lessons about nutrition, feeding young children, meal preparation, meal planning, food safety, and money management. Clients can work with the FNP Assistant to decide which topics are right for their families and how often they would like to meet. While participating in the lessons participants receive small gifts for their kitchen and home. In addition, they will be given a chance to earn a nice cookbook from Purdue University.

The following are some examples of the lessons available in the Family Nutrition Program:

Understanding Food Labels
Small Steps to a Great Start
Getting Your Calcium-rich Foods
Going Lean with Protein
Figuring Out Fats
Safe Food for Your Family
Great Meals

To learn more or schedule a visit, contact Mary Talmadge at (812) 547-7084.


Vitamin D: What You Need to Know


Canning Fruits and Veggies

Frequently asked canning questions - http://nchfp.uga.edu/questions/FAQ_canning.html


Eat Smart Play Hard


This site is specifically designed for parents and caregivers to provide information to help you eat better, be more physically active and be a role model for your kids.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters

Check out this site to learn more about how to prepare foods. For most fruits and vegetables there is a preparation, selection and storage link. Also great information and activities for kids. www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org



Purdue Extension suggests the following links for information regarding Food & Health:

Health and Human Sciences Extension - Provides resources for consumers to understand and evaluate nutrition and food safety information.