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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some examples of questions that are received on a regular basis.  Click on the question and you will be taken to information on the subject.  And of course, if you can't find what you are looking for or need more information, please contact me at nheld@purdue.edu 


Insects     Lawn & Garden     Fruits     Ponds     Livestock

Crop Production     Pasture & Forage
     Wildlife & Forestry

Farm Management & Land Leases   Land Use & Legal Issues             








Insects     back to top

How do I control ants in and around my home?

How do I control spiders?

Why are lady bugs in my house and how do I control them?

How do I control carpenter bees?

How do I control Japanese beetles?

How do I control bagworms on my evergreens?

How do I control spider mites on my ornamentals?

How do I control ticks in my lawn?

What can I do about mosquitoes in my lawn?

How do I control wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets around my home?

What do I do if I have termites in my home?

How do I select a termite control service?


Lawn & Garden     back to top

What can I do about the moles in my yard?

How can I keep the deer out of my garden?

What plants are deer resistant?

What plants work well for...shade? full sun? sandy soils? moist areas? wet areas? acid soils?

What landscape plants are native to Indiana?

Why didn't my plants bloom?

When should I plant trees and shrubs?

What type of plants work well for hedges?

When should I prune my trees and shrubs? 

My tree is oozing sap.  Is it going to die?

What is the gross looking slime growing in my mulch?

How do I establish a new lawn from seed?

When and how should I fertilize my lawn?

My lawn is shaded.  Can I grow grass?

What is the ideal planting time for vegetables?

When should I plant a fall vegetable garden?

Where can I get information on organic vegetable production?

How and when should I test my soil?

How do I interpret my soil test results?


Fruits     back to top

When and how should I spray my fruit trees and berries?

How should I prune my fruit trees?

What apple varieties have disease resistance?

How do I grow and prune grapes?

What varieties of grapes should I grow?

My grapes looked really nice and then suddenly rotted.  What happened?


Ponds     back to top

How do I control plant growth in my pond?

Is there any way to control duckweed and watermeal?

Does barley straw work for algae control?

The fish in my pond are dead.  What happened and what can I do?

Where can I get fish to stock my pond?

Where can I purchase grass carp?


Livestock     back to top

What plants are poisonous to livestock?

How can I sell eggs from my farm?

Where can I find information on raising meat goats?

Where can I find information on CFOs and CAFOs?

How can I dispose of a dead animal?


Crop Production     back to top

Where can I find information on weed control?

How do I identify soybean rust?

How do I identify soybean sudden death syndrome?

How and when should I test my soil?

How do I interpret my soil test results?


Pasture & Forage     back to top

How and when should I renovate my pasture?

What type of forage should I plant and when should I plant it?

How do I establish pasture for horses?

Where can I get my forages tested?


Wildlife & Forestry      back to top

What can I do about nuisance wildlife?

Where can I get help establishing a wildlife habitat?

I found a dead bird, what should I do?

What trees work well for windbreaks? (very large file)

Where can I find information on forest management and timber harvest?

What is the Classified Forest Program?

How do I contact the District Forester?


Farm Management & Land Leases     back to top     

How do I determine a fair cash rent?

How do I establish a cash farm lease agreement?

How do I set up a pasture lease?

What are average land values and cash rents for my area?

What are average custom farming rates in Indiana?


Land Use & Legal Issues    back to top

What does the Indiana farm fence law say?

My new home has a septic system, how do I maintain it?