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Jan Feb 2014 Newsletter 
April May 2014 Newsletter

2014 4-H Enrollment Available
Deadline to Sign Up March 3, 2014

To enroll in 4-H and Mini 4-H online, click here and follow the online instructions.

    Please read before completing the online enrollment 
2014 4-H Club and leader information

Tipton County 4-H Fair
July 11-16, 2014


 Indiana State Fair
August 1-17, 2014

2013 - 2014 Policy and Procedures


 Project Summ
ary Book
Livestock Project Book 2014
Achievement Records - Crops
Dairy Foods - Health
Home Environment - Pocket Pets
Scrapbook - Wood Science

 Record Sheets
Achievement Record Booklet
Action Demonstration
Aerospace - Stage 2
Aerospace - Stage 3
Aerospace - Stage 4
Ag Education
Arts and Crafts
4-H-618a-W_Craft Information Card
Beef Level 1
Beef Level 2
Beef Level 3
Beekeeping 1
Beekeeping 2
Beekeeping Advanced
Beekeeping Independent Study - Advanced Topic
Beekeeping Independent Study - Mentoring
Beekeeping Independent Study
Bicycle Junior
Bicycle Senior
Beginner Cake Decorating Skill Sheet 
Intermediate Cake Decorating Skill Sheet
Advanced Cake Decorating Skill Sheets
Cake Decorating
Cat Level 1
Cat Level 2
Cat Level 3
Cat Poster
Child Development Level A
Child Development Level B
Child Development Level C
Child Development Level D
Computer - Level 1
Computer - Level 2
Computer - Level 3
Computer Arts
Consumer Clothing
Dairy Foods
Dog Level 1
Dog Level 2
Dog Level 3
Dog Record Sheet
Dog Poster
Electric - Grade 3
Electric - Grade 4
Electric - Grade 5
Electric - Grade 6
Electric - Grades 7-12 
Entomology Level 1
Entomology Level 2
Entomology Level 3 
Fashion Revue
Fine Arts
4-H-618a-W_Craft Information Card
Floriculture A
Floriculture B
Floriculture C
Floriculture D
Foods Level A
Foods Level B
Foods Level C
Foods Level D
Forestry Level 1
Forestry Level 2
Forestry Level 3
Forestry Independent Study - Advanced Topic
Forestry Independent Study - Mentoring
Garden Level A
Garden Level B
Garden Level C
Garden Level D
Garden Exhibits
Genealogy My Family Tree Work Pages
Genealogy Research Checklist
Geology Level 1
Geology Level 2
Geology Level 3
Geology Independent Study - Advanced Topic
Geology Independent Study - Mentoring
Gift Wrapping Project
Goats Level 1
Goats Level 2
Goats Level 3
Health Level A
Health Level B
Health Level C
Holiday Project
Holiday Project Card
Home Environment
Home Env Exhibit Card 1011d
Horse and Pony Level 1
Horse and Pony Level 2
Horse and Pony Level 3
Horse & Pony Poster
Jr. Leaders  
Latch Hook
Micro Mini Tractor
Microwave Cooking Level A
Microwave Cooking Level B
Microwave Cooking Level C
Microwave Cooking Level D
Model Building
4-H-618a-W_Craft Information Card
4-H-618a-W_Craft Information Card
Outdoor Chef
Personality Level A - Grade 3
Personality Level A - Grade 4
Personality Level B - Grade 5
Personality Level B - Grade 6
Personality Level C - Grade 7
Personality Level C - Grade 8
Personality Level C - Grade 9
Personality Level D - Grade 10
Personality Level D - Grade 11
Personality Level D - Grade 12
Pocket Pets Level 1
Pocket Pets Level 2
Pocket Pets Level 3 
Poultry Level 1
Poultry Level 2
Poultry Level 3
Poultry Poster
Rabbit Level 1
Rabbit Level 2
Rabbit Level 3
Rabbit Poster
Sewing - Grade 3
Sewing - Grade 4
Sewing - Grade 5
Sewing - Grade 6
Sewing - Grade 7
Sewing - Grades 8 - 9
Sewing -  Grade 10-12
Sheep Level 1
Sheep Level 2
Sheep Level 3
Small Engines Level 1
Small Engines Level 2
Small Engines Level 3
Soil and Water - Level A
Soil and Water - Level B
Soil and Water - Level C
Soil and Water - Level D
Special Interest
Swine Level 1
Swine Level 2
Swine Level 3
Tractor & Compact Tractor - Level A
Tractor & Compact Tractor - Level B
Tractor & Compact Tractor - Level C
Tractor & Compact Tractor - Level D
Tractor Poster
Vet. Science Level 1
Vet. Science Level 2
Vet. Science Level 3
Weather Level 1
Weather Level 2
Weather Level 3
Weather Level 4
Weeds Division 1
Weeds Division 2
Weeds Division 3
Wildlife - Independent Study
Wood Science Level A
Wood Science Level B
Wood Science Level C
Wood Science Level D


Purdue Extension suggests the following links for information on 4-H Youth Development:

Indiana 4-H - County Fair dates, events, contacts and volunteer information.