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Southwestern Indiana Master Gardeners

Association, Inc.

(Serving Vanderburgh, Posey, Warrick, and Gibson Counties)


General Information


What is the Purdue Master Gardener Program?  Click here to learn more about the  Purdue Master Gardener program and SWIMGA.  Click here to download an application form.

SWIMGA Website:  This website has been created and maintained by members of the Southwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association.  Please visit here for detailed information about SWIMGA gardens, projects and programs, upcoming educational programs open to the public, and other useful information.

Fall 2013 Master Gardener Class Sechdule:  The Fall 2013 class will be meeting once a week, with your choice of either Monday evenings (6 to 9 pm) or Wednesday mornings (9 am to noon).  Classes will begin the first week of September.  We will be meeting at Ivy Tech Community College on Evansville's First Avenue, in room 348.  Send an email to Larry Caplan at LCaplan@purdue.edu to receive a registration packet.


For SWIMGA Members

    • Volunteer Hour Record forms:  Below are the forms all members need to complete in order to turn in their volunteer hours.  You need to submit both the detailed MG Volunteer  Record sheet, as well as the Volunteer Record Summary form. 
      • I have posted both pairs of documents below.  I know the PDF files work; you will have to print them out and NEATLY complete them by hand.  I've also included them in Word Document form, so that you can type out the information.  We've been experiencing problems with non-Purdue people downloading .doc files; if you get a window asking you to log in, just hit enter (you may need to do it twice).  If that doesn't work, just use the PDFs.

    • You can download the explanation of the codes by clicking here.  All members should use this form to record their volunteer and continuing education hours.  Mail this form to the Extension office, or email it to LCaplan@purdue.edu .

    • What counts for volunteer credit?  How do I fill out that volunteer record form?  Click here to download the Permissible Projects Per Purdue pamphlet, please.

      Dues Form Click here to download the SWIMGA dues form for the 2014 garden season.  Note:  This application form is in PDF format; you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open and print this file. 
    • Project and Committee Forms:  If you need to deposit money/donations to SWIMGA, or if you need to be reimbursed after making a purchase, you will need to have the right paperwork filed.  Also, your project report forms need to be filled out in a timely manner.  Forms are marked for format: 
      Committee Report:  PDF or Word
      Deposit Form:  PDF or Word
      Payment/Reimbursement Form: PDF or Word
      Project Review Form (for current year): PDF or Word
      Ongoing Project Renewal Form (for upcoming year): PDF or Word
      New Project Approval Form: PDF or Word
      • SWIMGA By-Laws:  Last updated January 2012.
      • Purdue Master Gardener website.  This is the main site for Purdue's Master Gardener  program.  Lots of links to other sites, including a list of upcoming advanced training opportunities.
    • NewMaster Gardener Lecture Notes:  The various PowerPoint slideshows Larry uses in his Master Gardener classes can be downloaded for viewing at home.  Each of the lectures will be made available as the semester goes on.  The PowerPoints and scripts have all been converted into PDF files, to reduce the amount of download space.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open these files...download Adobe Acrobat Reader here

  What is All American Selections?  PDF version of a Powerpoint sent by AAS.  Slide #10 shows the AAS garden at our very own Master Gardener Display Garden!

    Master Gardener Vegetable Encyclopedia

The Purdue Master Gardener Vegetable Encyclopedia is a reference for MGs to use when they are asked questions about specific vegetables such as:

    • *  Should I remove the suckers on my sweet corn? On my tomatoes?
      *  How tall does kohlrabi get?
      *  What is Malabar spinach and how do I grow it? 

Use it as an encyclopedia, to look up just the information you need, rather than reading it as a book. 

The “Purdue MG Vegetable Encyclopedia 3-2011” is 94 pages, and about 7 MB.  Therefore, do not print it out!!!  It is formatted to use on a computer, as you would use a web page. Since you can store the pdf on your computer, it is more convenient than a webpage that would always require internet access. Since it is one document, you can use the Acrobat search function to find the info you need quickly.

The bookmarks to the left of the text make it easy to go right to the vegetable on which you need information.  The links within the document (dashed underline) let you find related information.  Relevant websites are also listed (solid underline).   Each vegetable has its own page (or several pages) so you can print just the information you need.