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Mini 4-H Program

  • Mini 4-H is designed for children in grades K-2 to explore a variety of project activity areas as well as to interact with other children and caring adults. 

  • There is no cost to join Mini 4-H.

  • Mini 4-H is fun!  Monthly meetings are held at the Vanderburgh 4-H Center where children are encouraged to experience the joy of learning by participating in games, songs, and hands-on, minds-on activities.

  • Mini 4-H offers something for every child!  The Mini 4-H project activities are hands-on learning opportunities designed to provide a meaningful educational experience for youth.  Members may choose from several projects.  The activities in each project manual are to be completed under an adult's guidance.

  • Mini 4-H is exciting!  The Mini 4-H program is set up to allow children to display up to three completed project activities at the Vanderburgh County Fair in July.  The Fair is an exhilarating week that allows community youth to showcase their enthusiasm for learning.

  • Mini 4-H is designed to involve the whole family in the 4-H experience!  As a Mini 4-H adult helper, your job will be to guide and encourage each child through the activities.  A wide range of activities is provided to allow you to choose the ones most appropriate for the children you are working with.  It is strongly suggested that you do not complete the activities for them.  Encourage and praise the children as they have fun learning and sharing with you!  Help them, guide them, work with them, and let them do all that they possibly can.  The 4-H program believes in allowing children to learn by doing.

  • Philosophical Base and Structure:  The purpose of the 4-H program is to help young people develop their potential.  This non-formal experiential educational program encourages the development of feelings of self-worth and specific life skills through positive relationships between adults and youth.  4-H learning relies on a 'learning and doing' process for teaching.  Participants gain skills and participate in activities that are relevant and appropriate for their age.  The goal of all 4-H programs, including Mini 4-H, to provide children with opportunities to gain useful skills and information, socially acceptable methods to deal with personal challenges and meaningful techniques to contribute to their community.  Positive learning experiences are the primary reason for involvement in the program.

  • Mini 4-H Collections

  • The following is a list of projects offered in the Mini 4-H program in Vanderburgh County. 


    One of the most popular outdoor activities!  Learn the parts of a bike, traffic signals and safety.  What fun!


    Spiders, butterflies, and more bugs, oh my!  Learn the body parts, the difference between spiders and bugs, how bugs hide, and much more!


    Want to know more about bugs?  Learn how bugs work as a team, how they grow, and how some build their homes.


    In this project, you get to show off your favorite items that are from the same group.


    Take a field trip to a daylily farm, learn how to care for a daylily, know the parts of a daylily, and explore the different plant varieties.  Check out the pictures from out latest Mini 4-H Daylily Trip!


    Trees!  You will learn how trees grow and how trees are used.


    3-2-1-Lift off! You will go through astronaut training and then go up to the sky to learn about stars.  You will learn how stars make designs in the sky.


    You will learn about how trees eat and live and will even be able to tell how old they are.

    Before You SEW

    You will explore art activities to learn important sewing concepts and practice sewing skills.


    To enroll in Mini 4-H, print off the enrollment form (Please fill it out completely; don't forget to choose projects and sign the bottom of the form.) and return to the Extension Office.  If you'd like more information about Mini 4-H, contact Taylor VanMeter, Extension Youth Assistant at 812-435-5287 or tvanmet@purdue.edu.