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What is 4-H?
4-H is a youth organization that belongs to the members, their families, and other interested adults who serve as volunteer leaders.  Professional leadership is given by Cooperative Extension Service faculty of Purdue University. 

4-H is young people sharing, doing, and learning together in all kinds of projects, events, and activities in informal situations with guidance of their families and other volunteer adults.  Members choose projects that fit their interests and personalities and where they live.  Group activities and events such as drama, trips, camps, fairs, shows, and conferences provide additional opportunities and learning experiences.

Most 4-H clubs have monthly meetings for the entire membership.  During these business meetings, decisions are made relative to group sponsored activities, community service efforts, project opportunities, fund raising efforts, etc.

Support for 4-H programs is a joint effort of local county government, Purdue Univesity, and the United States Department of Agriculture.  The mission of the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service is the education of Indiana citizens through the application of the land-grant university research and knowledge base for the benefit of agriculture, youth, families, and communities.


The Purpose of 4-H
The purpose of 4-H is two-fold:
1. To provide opportunity for parents and other interested adults to work with youth in their development.
2. To provide real-life experiences for youth through a fun, action-oriented, and practical program.
The major focus of 4-H should be on the activities of your local 4-H club.  Volunteers and youth plan and carry out organized learning experiences for the 4-H club. 


Who Can Join 4-H?
All youth in grades 3-12 are invited to join 4-H.  Youth may become members when they enter third grade and may continue through grade 12, regardless of age, with a maximum of 10 years participation.  Youth in Vanderburgh County 4-H are not required to live in Vanderburgh County.  Youth in grades K-2 may join Mini 4-H.

Learn even more about Vanderburgh County 4-H in our Welcome to 4-H Booklet.


Have you made the decision to join 4-H? Find a club to be a part of and join in the fun!  You can find a list of all the projects offered in Vanderburgh county here.  Would you like to know even more about all the opportunities available in Vanderburgh county?  To find a club, contact one on this page.