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Congratulations to Larry Murdock and the PICS Team!
Submitted by Steve Yaninek Entomology Department Head March 19, 2012
Larry L. Murdock, PhD, Purdue University - Member of the PICS Team

Congratulations to Larry Murdock and the PICS Team who will be recognized next week with an International Award of Excellence at the 7th International IPM Symposium in Memphis. The award is in recognition of the hermetic storage technology they developed and implemented across the major cowpea growing region of West and Central Africa. Below is a statement about the award posted on the symposium website.

International Awards of Excellence - “Cowpeas are rich in protein, and many small farming operations in West/Central Africa use it as a principle food grain, and Bruchid weevils eat them in storage. Responding to annual losses in the millions, the Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage Team developed effective storage bags that stop the weevils cold. With support from the Gates Foundation and international colleagues, the new bags have improved food security and economic conditions for millions of cowpea farmers. Demonstrations have been held in 30,000 villages in 10 countries.”

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