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Cliff Sadof

Clifford S Sadof

Professor / Ornamental / Pest Management

Department: Entomology
Phone: 765.494.5983
E-mail: csadof@purdue.edu

Curriculum Vitae


- Recent Publications

Sadof, C. S., Linkimer, M., Hidalgo, E., Casonoves, F., Gibson, K., & Benjamin, T. J. (2013). Effects of weed cover composition on insect pest and natural enemy abundance in a field of Dracaena marginata in Costa Rica. Environmental Entomology.

Hildago, E., Benjamin, T. J., Casanoves, F., & Sadof, C. S. (2013). . Factors influencing the abundance of pests in production fields and rates of interception of Dracaena marginata imported from Costa Rica.. Journal of Economic Entomology, 106, 2027-2034.

Beckermann, J., & Sadof, C. S. (2013). Caught with your plants down? There’s an app for that!. Journal of Extension, 51(2 2TOT3). Retrieved from http://www.joe.org/joe/2013april/tt3.php

Nagle, A. M., Usborne, R., McCullough, D. G., Stone, A., & Sadof, C. S. (2013). Power Hours—Invasive Species Communication Through Collaborative Webinars. Journal of Extension.

Sadof, C. S., Beckerman, J., McClure, D., & Luke, E. (2013). Purdue Annual Flower Doctor App. Retrieved from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/purdue-annual-doctor/id652275937?mt=8

Sadof, C. S., Beckerman, J., McClure, D., & Luke, E. (2013). Purdue Perennial Plant Doctor. Retrieved from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/purdue-perennial-doctor/id652242531?mt=8

Beckerman, J., Sadof, C. S., Purcell, L., McClure, D., & Luke, E. (2013). Purdue Tree Doctor App. Retrieved from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/purdue-tree-doctor/id561944017?mt=8

Sadof, C. S. (2012). Fall is better for EAB planning than treating. Retrieved from https://ag.purdue.edu/fnr/associations/IAA/Pages/newsletter.aspx

Beckerman, J., Lopez, R., & Sadof, C. S. (2012). Managing pests and diseases in the greenhouse. Greenhouse Product News, Ausgust. Retrieved from http://www.gpnmag.com/managing-pests-and-diseases-greenhouse

Sadof, C. S., & Nagle, A. M. (2012). Managing a sticky situation: How to handle tuliptree scale. Retrieved from https://ag.purdue.edu/fnr/associations/IAA/Pages/newsletter.aspx


+ Patents


- Awards & Honors

Entomological Foundation Recognition Award in Urban Entomology (2004). Entomological Socieity of America.

Eric G. Sharvelle Distinguished Extension Specialist Award (2004). Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association.

2002 Senior Award (2002). PUCESA.


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