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Tim Gibb

Timothy J Gibb

Insect Diagnostician / Turfgrass Extension Specialist

Department: Entomology
Phone: 765.494.4570
E-mail: gibb@purdue.edu


Personal Websites

4-H/FFA Career Development
4-H and Youth
How To Make An Awesome Insect Collection
IPM Technical Resource Center

·         Responsibilities

  • IPM Extension Specialist
    • Train clientele groups including 4-H and youth
    • Initiate, develop, and implement extension programs for quick response to needs in horticulture, turfgrass and urban areas
  • Director-Insect Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Provide diagnostic service to clientele groups (agribusiness, pest managers, growers, and homeowners)
    • Provide timely and up to date control recommendations
  • Urban Integrated Pest Management Research Specialist
    • Conduct research as required to meet the needs of clientele groups
    • Cooperative research with department, college, university, state, national, and international levels as appropriate


  • Public speaking
  • Scientific writing
  • Insect taxonomy and identification

- Recent Publications

Hoctor, T. L., Gibb, T. J., Bigelow, C., & Richmond, D. S. (2012). Survival and Infectivity of the Insect-Parasitic Nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Poinar) in Solutions Containing Four Different Turfgrass Soil Surfactants.. Applied Turfgrass Science..

Gibb, T. J. (2012). Billbugs. In Handbook of Turfgrass Insect Pests (Vol. 2nd, pp. 16-18). Annapolis Rd. Lanham, MD: The Entomological Society of America.

Gibb, T. J. (2012). Greenbug. In HANDBOOK of Turfgrass Insect Pests (Vol. 2nd, pp. 44-46). Landham, MD: Entomological Society of America.

Gibb, T. J., & Oseto, C. Y. (2012). How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection (Vol. 2nd). University Bookstore: Purdue University.

Gibb, T. J., & Oseto, C. Y. (2012). How to make an awesome insect collection. Retrieved from http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/401Book/default.php?page=home

Wang, C., Saltzmann, K., Bennett, G., & Gibb, T. J. (2012). Comparison of three bed bug management strategies in a low-income apartment building. Insects- Open Access, 3, 402-409.

Oseto, C., Gibb, T. J., & Shepson, M. (2012). Teaming with Insects Level 2 - Facilitator Guide.

Oseto, C., Carroll, N. J., & Gibb, T. J. (2012). Teaming with Insects Level 3- Entomology.

Gibb, T. J., & Obermeyer, J. (2012). Who Let The Bugs Out? A Beginners Guide to Managing Radical Insects. Retrieved from http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/radicalbugs/

Gibb, T. J., Oseto, C. Y., & Shepson, M. (2011). Teaming with Insects Level 1 - Youth Guide.


+ Patents


- Awards & Honors

Outstanding Service Award - Department of Entomology (2013). Department of Entomology.

Agriculture Team Award (2004). School of Agriculture, Pdurdue university.

APSCA distinguished service award (2003). Administrative and professional staff advisory council.

Award of Recognition (2003). Environmental Protection Agency.

Community Service Award (2003). Tippecanoe School Corporation.

Cooperative Extension (2003). Purdue Cooperative Extension.

Education Curriculum Development (2003). Board Certified Entomologist.

ESA Board Certified Entomologist Award (2003). ESA.

Governors Award (2003). State of Indiana.

International Service Award (2003). Epsilon Sigma Phi.


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