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Patrick Jones

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Patrick Jones is the Forensic Science Laboratory Director at Purdue University. In addition to managing two laboratories, he teaches, Crime Scene Investigation, Introduction to Forensic Science, Criminalistics Lab, and Advanced Criminalistics Lab. He has been named to the graduate faculty by the Dean of the Graduate School and teaches graduate level courses in Forensic Lasers and Alternate Light Sources and Forensic Digital Imaging. As a Crime Scene Investigator, he has worked on the John Wayne Gacy case, the Larry Eyler case (both serial killers) and the Ed Ling case among many others. He lectures and presents these cases for students and interested groups. Patrick Jones is also currently the White County Indiana Deputy Coroner and is an Indiana State Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator

He is a retired Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff Police Investigator with 21 years of service. His service assignments included 11 years as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) - involved in over 5000 death investigations and present at over 750 autopsies. He was also an undercover narcotics team leader and narcotics unit commander, a tactical investigator, prosecutor's investigator and general assignment investigator. He earned 1 Sheriffs Medal, 13 Departmental Commendations, the J. Edgar Hoover Medal, and numerous other awards for service and excellence. Mr. Jones has over 34 years of experience in law enforcement, forensics investigation, security and training.

He has also been a staff faculty member of the National Intelligence Academy, instructing government personnel, military members, and law enforcement personnel in audio and video surveillance techniques. He was a staff instructor at the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Academy and is a Certified Police Science Instructor; certificate issued by the Superintendent of the Educational Services Region of Cook County, Illinois. He was named a District Director of the Illinois Crime Commission (1995-1996). He is a graduate of the National Law Enforcement Academy (DEA) and has attended over 67 law enforcement and security related seminars. He has been qualified and accepted as an expert witness in the area of forensic photo imaging and evidence collection.

Research Interests
Jones is conducting research with forensic lasers in the areas of trace evidence and latent fingerprint recovery. He is also studying new methods to recover latent fingerprints without cross contamination of DNA. He has developed a method for recovering latent fingerprints from very small objects such as pills, capsules and coins. He is also working with a new camera sensitive only in the UV and IR wavelengths.  The camera can photo image subcutaneously (under the skin) and see deep tissue bruising.

Selected Publications

  • Jones, P. 2009. Practical Forensic Digital Imaging: Applications and Techniques. CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, FL. In press.
  • Jones, P. and R.E. Williams. 2009. Crime Scene Processing and laboratory Workbook. CRC Press,
  • Jones, P. 2009. Forensic Digital Photo Imaging. In: James, S. and Nordby, J., Forensic Science, 3rd Ed. CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, FL pp. 185 – 202.
  • Jones, P. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures: Theft of corporate information. Security Management, 34(12), pp. 43-51.
  • Jones, P Electronic Countermeasures: Protecting corporate communications. DISA – Defense Industrial Security –
  • Jones, P. Privacy Act – H.R. 1900 and S.B. 984: Effect on security. Security, 16(6), pp. 68-72.
  • Jones, P. Privacy vs. Security: Abuses of electronic monitoring in the workplace. Security Concepts. 1(7). Pp. 10 -31.
  • Jones, P. Skeletons in the Distribution Closet: Telcom distribution centers. Survive – Business Continuity. 2(2). pp. 16-18.
  • Jones, P. Electronic Monitoring - Holes In Security, USPA Reports. 8(3). pp. 1-2.

Graduate Students
M.S. - 3 | Ph.D. - 1

Synergistic Activities

  • Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator (CMDI), State of
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP), American Society for Industrial Security #4057
  • Certified Disaster Recovery Planner, Disaster Recovery Institute, # 1358
  • International Association for Identification (IAI), Division – Board Member
  • , (NIA) – Staff and Faculty
  • Indiana Homicide and violent Crimes Investigator’s Association – Charter Member
  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Chapter – Past Chairman
  • Alumni Association – Member
  • , Faculty and Staff (NIA) 1984 – 1989
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association - Member
  • International Association of Crime Scene Investigators (IACSI) – Member
  • International Homicide Investigator’s Association (IHIA)
  • Indiana Coroner’s Association (ICA)
  • Reviewer Taylor and Francis Publishing
  • Reviewer CRC Publishing

Collaborators and Other Affilications

  • Dr. Neal Haskell, St Joseph’s College
  • Tracy Campbell, RN, SANE, Forensic Nursing – St. Elizabeth’s Regional Health Illinois Constitutional Conference

Courses Taught

  • ENTM 218 - Introduction to Forensic Science
  • ENTM 318 - Criminalistics / Lab
  • ENTM 418 - Advanced Criminalistics Lab
  • ENTM 595D - Forensic Digital Imaging
  • ENTM 595S - Forensic Lasers and Alternate Light Sources

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