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  None|||Achievement Day
  None|||State Fair Entries Due
  4-H Youth Development|||Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference Registration Due
  4-H Youth Development|||Foods
  4-H Youth Development|||Microwave, Cupcake
  Events|||Basic Sewing Classes
  4-H Youth Development|||Woodworking
  4-H Youth Development|||Models & Rockets
  4-H Youth Development|||Animal/Vet Science
  4-H Youth Development|||Misc Projects
  4-H Youth Development|||Photo & Fine Arts
  4-H Youth Development|||Enter Horses
  4-H Youth Development|||Owen Clovers 4-H club meeting
  4-H Youth Development|||Harrison Hotshots Mtg
  None|||Extension Office Closed
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse Committee
  4-H Youth Development|||Enter Horses
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse Committee
  4-H Youth Development|||Western & Mini Horse Show
  4-H Youth Development|||Enter Garden & Flowers
  4-H Youth Development|||Enter Animals**
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse Committee
  4-H Youth Development|||English Horse & Pony
  4-H Youth Development|||Exhibit Hall Opens
  4-H Youth Development|||Market Beef Show
  None|||Livestock Skillathon
  4-H Youth Development|||Enter Ducks, Poultry, Eggs
  4-H Youth Development|||Goat Show
  4-H Youth Development|||Clever Clovers Mtg
  4-H Youth Development|||Donation Auction
  4-H Youth Development|||Poultry Show
  4-H Youth Development|||Swine Show
  None|||Braysville Homemakers
  Events|||Basic Sewing Classes
  4-H Youth Development|||Public Speaking
  None|||Harrison Homemakers
  4-H Youth Development|||Dairy Show
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse Committee
  Agriculture and Natural Resources|||Gardening Education Series
  4-H Youth Development|||Owen Clovers
  None|||Jolly Homemakers
  4-H Youth Development|||Owen Clovers
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse & Pony Versatility
  4-H Youth Development|||Sheep Show
  4-H Youth Development|||Rocket Launch
  4-H Youth Development|||Spirit Night
  4-H Youth Development|||Round Robin
  4-H Youth Development|||Horse Committee
  4-H Youth Development|||Livestock Auction
  4-H Youth Development|||Release Horses
  4-H Youth Development|||Release Projects
  Events|||Basic Sewing Classes
  4-H Youth Development|||Fantastic 4-Hers Mtg
  4-H Youth Development|||Pathfinders Mtg
  Health and Human Sciences|||Calico Homemakers Club meeting
  4-H Youth Development|||4-H Council Meeting
  Events|||Basic Sewing Classes
  Agriculture and Natural Resources|||Garden Education Series
  4-H Youth Development|||Backyard Clovers Mtg
  Events|||Basic Sewing Classes
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