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Indiana lab focuses on keeping animals healthy

Tina Tyzzer keeps her turkeys and chickens healthy with help from the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

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Indiana lab focuses on keeping animals healthy

The success of Tina Tyzzer's small poultry business depends on the health of her animals. So if one or more of her heritage turkeys and chickens might be ill or injured, she turns to the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL) at Purdue University for expert help.

Tyzzer and her husband, Charlie, sell meat and eggs locally in Hancock County's Fortville as CT Coop. Tina credits the ADDL for helping to ensure that her products are safe. "They really put me on the path to having healthy, happy flocks," she says. "And I wouldn't sell to the public if I couldn’t be sure my flocks were healthy."

When one of her young turkeys died, an ADDL staff member conducted an on-site necropsy–a postmortem examination. Tyzzer was concerned when she learned the bird had the parasitic disease coccidiosis but was relieved when the ADDL informed her that people can’t get coccidia from poultry. In addition, an ADDL staff member visited her operation with a group of Purdue students and offered advice regarding coops the Tyzzers had set up. The Tyzzers also took the ADDL's advice and got involved in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Poultry Improvement Plan, which provides blood testing for her animals to make sure they are well managed.

Tyzzer wonders whether other small-business owners raising animals are aware that the ADDL can help them in so many ways. "Honestly,"she says, "I don't know how others do it without knowing of these invaluable services."
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