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Dennis Dunham of Oliver Winery in Bloominton

Dennis Dunham of Oliver Winery in Bloomington credits the Purdue Wine Grape Team's "Try on Traminette" campaign for boosting sales of the varietal.

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Winemaker toasts success of varietal campaign

In 2009, the Purdue Wine Grape Team began the "Try on Traminette" campaign to produce and promote the varietal as Indiana's first state signature wine. And that's paying off for the people at Oliver Winery who have had to spend a little more time in their estate vineyard to keep up with the new demand.

"We had to plant more Traminette because of the market it created," says Dennis Dunham, winemaker at Oliver in Bloomington. "Traminette was a popular wine for us, but now you hear people coming in and comparing our Traminette to others they've tried. You didn't hear that before."

The campaign, developed and implemented by Purdue Extension educators, is teaching wine growers and makers how to best craft Traminette wines, and is making consumers more aware of a wine made from grapes ideally suited for Indiana's diverse climates.

Dunham said Oliver has seen about a 50 percent increase in Traminette sales in just a couple of years. The winery now produces about 17,500 bottles of Indiana's signature wine each year.
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