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Michael Griffin

Expertise from a Purdue Extension agricultural economist guides elected official
Michael Griffin (pictured above) as he serves his constituents.

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Communities look to Purdue Extension for tax policy expertise

Highland Clerk-Treasurer Michael Griffin in Lake County is among the state’s many local government officials who depend on Purdue Extension to provide education on public issues. For Griffin, learning about Indiana’s tax policies and how they affect local governments and taxpayers is crucial to his service to citizens.

Griffin has attended several workshops presented by professor of agricultural economics Larry DeBoer, including one examining the financial implications of the state’s property tax caps, which were approved by Indiana voters in November 2010 as a constitutional amendment. Griffin marvels at DeBoer’s depth of knowledge of such a complex matter and his ability to explain the issues in ways that they are easy to understand.

“I have a very high regard for DeBoer’s gift of distilling complex matters and empirical scholarship into very accessible information for audiences varying from economics colleagues, to key policy-makers in the Indiana General Assembly, to groups of elected municipal or other public officials, to rooms of interested citizens hoping for clarity in this complicated and important issue,” he says.

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