Purdue Extension
Making a Difference in Allen County

Library Series Empowers Gardeners

In the United States, 49 percent of citizens are now gardening. Purdue Extension-Allen County held four workshop seminars in April at various libraries.

  • 66 individuals participated

  • Topics included: Tree Triage, Basic Lawn Care, and Garden Potpourri

  • 100% of the participants said they learned something new that would save them time and money

  • 100% said they planned to change their future landscape management behaviors
Workshop Targets On-farm Food Safety

The Food Safety Modernization Act contains draft standards for safe production and harvest of fruits and vegetables. Purdue Extension-Allen County hosted a workshop where 14 participants learned about techniques to prevent contamination in fruits and vegetables.

  • 88% said they planned to adapt a new type of documentation and recordkeeping system

  • 63% said they needed to implement more safety practices

  • 50% said they were already practicing good health and hygiene on their farms
Purdue Extension Delivers
  • Every $1 spent on the Indiana Family Nutrition Program is expected to create $35.75 in economic returns.

  • In a recent survey, 94% of Indiana 4-H participants graduating from high school planned to pursue post-secondary education.

  • In a similar Midwest state, an independent study concluded that every $1 invested in Extension yielded $15 in economic impact.

  • Beginner's Guide to Grant Writing workshop recipients received more than $7 million in grants to support community projects.

Good Agricultural Practices allow small farms to be competitive to distribute to local grocery stores with full food safety plans and audits.

Money Fair Improves Financial Skills

The Money Smart Week Money Fair attracted 250 people who wanted to improve their money managing skills. The event featured five educational workshops that were held throughout the day and 24 vendors.

  • 88% of the participants said the information was valuable

  • 94% said they were likely to apply the information or take action on it
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